Perfect Wedding Photography with Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Mar 16, 2021 | blog, Wedding Services

Perfect Wedding Photography with Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Winter Wedding Bouquets


White Hydrangeas may be a wonderful choice for your wedding bouquet. This is especially true if you wish to have a beautiful winter wedding. The elegance of the white hydrangeas will elevate your wedding experience. They will look great for the perfect wedding photography!

White Winter Posies

A white bouquet with all even-sized white posies will be the touch you search for. The simplicity of a bouquet of this kind for a winter wedding will be what you need. This will help make the event all the more worthwhile!

King Proteas

Now make your wedding bouquet something uncommon yet beautiful. A unique bouquet with Proteas will become the star of your perfect wedding ! Imagine what a delight it would look for wedding photography!

Beautiful Tulips 

If you don’t want a bouquet that is entirely white, then using Tulips may be your best bet! You can complement your wedding dress with perhaps the most beautiful purple tulips! These will not only stand out in your wedding photography but will also make a statement!


Are you searching for a wedding bouquet that contains colourful flowers? Well, you can easily make one using different coloured Anemones! For your winter wedding photography, any kind of Anemones will look stunning!

Neutral Beauty

It’s understandable if you don’t want a white winter wedding bouquet. You may not even want a bouquet with numerous colourful flowers. Using neutral-toned flowers will also be the best aspect of spending money. Neutral  flowers will also complement your clothes beautifully.

Red and White

If you have a white wedding dress, then this type of bouquet will be best for you. By filling up your bouquet with red roses, you will make your dress ten times more beautiful. Wouldn’t that be exactly what you want to look back on the wedding photography of your special day.


Do you search for something to stand out in your wedding bouquet? Then a eucalyptus bouquet will be perfect for you! This bouquet has refreshing green leaves and white flowers. These will add that perfect finishing to your overall wedding look. Your day will surely become memorable! 

Go Classic

Now, you can choose to go all white with the classic choice of White Carnations. This bouquet will provide you with that sleek and elegant look you search for! The associations they bring of purity and good fortune may be just what you need for your special day.

Blooming Pieris

Also known as Andromedas, these flowers add a unique outlook to your wedding day attire! Coming in a pale pink hue will make your dress stand out while still attracting attention!


Scientifically named Scorpion Grasses, you can find Forget-me-nots in different colours! However, whether they’re pink, blue, or violet, all of them symbolize love. A bouquet of these flowers will surely be a treat for your wedding photography.

Casablanca Lilies

White, elegant, and beautiful! Casablanca Lilies are one of our highest recommended wedding bouquet flowers! Symbolizing love and happiness, they will make the perfect match! They will also add to your beautiful wedding photography!

Beautiful Camellias

These flowers will make for a splendid winter wedding bouquet. They will definitely stand out in your wedding photography. One of the most popular choices for wedding decors, these flowers are just what you need!

Garden Mix

Tired of single-flower wedding bouquets? No worries, try a mix! You may find your perfect match in a bouquet of roses, anemones, and nandina. This can also be alongside some greenery! So what are you waiting for?

White and Violet Blooms

For the perfect wedding photography, bring together hues of white and violet. Use violet flowers such as Clematis and Sweet Peas and contrast them with O’Hara garden roses. And that’s it, you have a splendid winter wedding bouquet!

Summer Wedding Bouquets


The perfect summer flower for the perfect summer wedding! Ranunculus are your best bet for the splash of the fresh summer vibe on your special wedding day. They will even look great in your wedding photography shoot.

Pale Pink Peonies

If you search for beautiful pale pink flowers to add to your summer wedding bouquet, then search no more. Peonies are exactly what you need. They look elegant and are a treat for your wedding photography!

The Perfect Garden Roses

Simple and effortless, yet beautiful! Garden Roses will make one of the most attractive wedding bouquets. Any money you spend on these will not be going to waste! If not the main flower, you can even pair garden roses with other flowers for your wedding bouquet.


Blue and purple flowers such as pincushions are your go-to choices. They contribute to making your wedding bouquet unique and edgy. They will complement your wedding dress of any colour. Pincushion bouquets are your way-to-go!


Summer weddings are all about different colours combining to bring about happiness! A wedding bouquet consisting of yellow and orange orchids will do exactly this. This wedding bouquet will stand out unquestioningly in your wedding photography!


Proteas are also a great option for a bright coloured bouquet for your wedding. These flowers are pretty and attractive and will look great as part of your bouquet. You can even pair them with some leafy greens and there you have it!


These flowers are just as just one-of-a-kind as their name is. What’s even more exciting is how they make your summer wedding bouquets perfect! With their peachy hues, they are sure to stand out in your wedding photography!

Blue and Ombre

You might not always want a single-coloured wedding bouquet. Instead of this, you can spice up your summer wedding with a blue or ombre flower bouquet. You can even add leafy green leaves to complete the look. Your best bets are peonies and lilies!


Cardinals may be the perfect choice for your summer wedding bouquet. They give you that delicate crimson touch. If paired with white roses, they make the most beautiful summer wedding bouquet. You don’t have to worry if your wedding dress is white or any other colour. Holding a wedding bouquet with Cardinals, you will look as special as you feel!

Red Roses

What better colour for a wedding bouquet if not the colour of love? A classic red rose wedding bouquet can never go wrong. It will add the perfect touch to your perfect day. You will feel all the more loved and happy with a stunning red rose bouquet as you walk down the aisle.


If you search for a wedding bouquet that is away from the mundane flowers, this may be what you look for! Beautiful red anthurium flowers will look like a delight in your wedding bouquet. This will make your summer wedding as vibrant and bold as it can get. What else could you ask for?

Poppy Flowers

Do you want your summer wedding to be reflective of how fresh and energetic you feel? If yes, then you need to add red poppy flowers to your summer wedding bouquet. These beautiful flowers symbolize rebirth. They are sure to mirror the emotions behind your special day. So relax, and choose them without worrying!

Red Tulips

There’s very little that can go wrong when you trust red tulips to be a part of your wedding bouquets. They represent love and passion, what better choice for your wedding day? Alongside a few green leaves, red tulips will make the perfect summer wedding bouquet for you.

Peach Peonies

Peach is one of the most well-suited colours for a summer wedding. This is because it provides a unique sophistication and elegance to the environment. What better way than using peach peonies to bring about this very elegance to your wedding? 


A wedding bouquet consisting of beautiful yellow Freesias is an unmissable opportunity. If you want to look your best in your wedding photography, then a Freesia bouquet might be perfect for you. They symbolize trust and peace.

To explore more beautiful wedding bouquets, click here now!

Autumn Wedding Bouquets

White Anemones

White anemones are the perfect choice for your autumn wedding bouquet. They peak just around autumn so you can add the freshest of flowers to your special day’s bouquet. Do you have a white wedding dress and want to look ravishing in it? Well, to have flawless wedding photography, this is your go-to choice!

Red-Cherry Anemones

Autumn is all about the reds and oranges. What better way to celebrate your wedding than with a bouquet that eludes the true spirit of Autumn?  With a bright red-cherry anemone bouquet, you will feel the autumn in full swing!

Distant Drums Garden Rose

A bouquet with Distant Drums Garden Roses will surely be perfect for a  bold feisty look that you want! Whether it is in your wedding photography, or at the event itself, you will shine! They’re a safe choice so you don’t have to worry much about them!


Zinnias are your best bet if you want a unique and delicate feel to your wedding bouquet.  They can find them in an array of different colours. You will surely find a colour that perfectly matches your Autumn wedding vibe! They’ll even shine in your wedding photography! 

Purple Dahlias

There’s nothing that beats purple flowers in the Autumn season. Beautiful purple Dahlias are the perfect choice for your wedding bouquet! They will give your wedding bouquet an edge. You can also pair them up with elegant Zinnias and Garden Roses.

Red and Orange Ranunculus

A white wedding dress with a bouquet filled with red and orange ranunculus flowers! Can you think of anything more perfect for an autumn wedding? They are best paired with a few green leaves. 

Calla Lilies

These lilies are both elegant and sophisticated. They are one of the best choices you can make for your autumn wedding bouquet! Orange flowers are the most popular. However, you will still have many options to choose from.

Spray Roses

Spray roses are a simple yet immensely popular choice for wedding bouquets! They provide a soft outlook to your overall outfit. They further ensure that your wedding bouquet looks perfect. A treat for your wedding photography!

Cappuccino Roses

If you search for flowers that give out the perfect autumn vibe, then this is it! Cappuccino Roses are amongst the most widely loved flowers in autumn! They will also complement the colour theme of your wedding really well! 

Coral Lunaria

Lunaria flowers are usually paired with other flowers in a wedding bouquet. They make the bouquet complete, providing it with the necessary elegance. For your wedding, you will definitely want to consider coral coloured Lunaria flowers. 

Brown Lisianthus

Do you search for that rustic look in your autumn wedding bouquet? Then brown lisianthus are perfect! They will complement your wedding dress. They will be hard-to-miss in your wedding photography.

Light Brown Carnations

Carnations are amongst the best flowers to choose from for your wedding. But light brown carnations work splendidly well with autumn wedding bouquets. Their light brown colour resonates perfectly with the Autumn feel.


Amaranth flowers will make your autumn wedding picture-perfect! These delicate flowers rarely make up a wedding bouquet alone. But when paired with other flowers, they elevate the whole wedding bouquet. Trust us on this one!

Boat Orchids

Boat Orchids are not only beautiful but they make an autumn wedding bouquet all the more greater! Their beautiful pastel colours are just what you need to look stunning. Now, go rock your event in the wedding photography. 

Baby Breath

Baby breath flowers are hands-down the best choice to take your wedding bouquet. These tiny white flowers can make any wedding bouquet look stunning in any season!

Spring Wedding Bouquet


These small attractive flowers are a quintessential part of the spring season. Make them a part of your wedding bouquet and elude the spring spirit in your wedding photography!

Fringe Tulips

You must already be aware of how beautiful fringe tulips look. Trust us, they look even more attractive as part of a wedding bouquet especially in the spring season. They symbolize the perfect blossoming spring season!


You would be missing out big time if you don’t consider a wedding bouquet of both white and yellow daffodils. This all-daffodil wedding bouquet will give your wedding a refreshing splash of yellow. It will even pop-out in your wedding photography! 

White and Purple Lilacs

A spring wedding sounds incomplete without a stunning bouquet of these flowers! These will perfectly complement your white wedding clothes and elevate your entire wedding!


Pair these with some white garden roses and baby breath flowers. You will have a perfect wedding bouquet! These beautiful flowers will contribute significantly to the jolly environment of your wedding.


A perfect spring wedding bouquet may be synonymous with a bundle of violet alliums. These flowers symbolize good fortune. Thus, this bouquet may be a very good pick for your special day in the pleasant spring weather.

Japanese Andromeda

These beautiful white and pastel coloured flowers add the perfect touch of sophistication. It doesn’t matter whatever wedding dress you have. This bouquet will surely complete your look for your wedding photography!

Pear Blossom

Pear Blossoms are another breathtakingly beautiful white flower. They are best used in a spring wedding bouquet. They are delicate, yet will provide you with that edge of looking stunning! So what are you waiting for?


These pale pink and white flowers sound like a very good idea. With them, you can create that perfect wedding bouquet. These flowers are suited especially for spring weather conditions. There isn’t much room for going wrong when choosing these.


Coming in a plethora of colours, clematis is one of the best ideas for your wedding bouquet. Whether you use purple clematis or red ones, each will provide a unique touch!

Parrot Tulips

Spring is a season of bright colours and parrot tulips represent exactly that! These multicoloured flowers will make your wedding bouquet the perfect match. They will be unmissable in your wedding photography.


A rather uncommon choice, but beautiful nonetheless. Now get your wedding photography to feature a unique bouquet with Fritillaria flowers! They are best paired with white flowers and some greenery.


How can we forget lilies? These are perhaps some of the most liked flowers in the spring season. This makes them the ideal choice for your spring wedding bouquet. They come in many different colours with white lilies indicating sophistication.


Astilbe flowers are rarely ever used alone. They also make great wedding bouquets by complementing other flowers. They help them out the elegance of the bouquet and make the colours pop.


This is a perfect choice if you want a refreshing splash of blue in your wedding bouquet. It will truly shine in your wedding photography. Your special day will become unforgettable!

Feel free to explore more spring wedding bouquet ideas here!


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