Hi. I’m Gary.

I take pictures of awesome weddings in the mean streets of Glasgow, the mountains of Scotland and everywhere in between.

I LOVE BURGERS AND CATS – not necessarily together. 

I live in the East End of Glasgow – In fact I’ve lived in Glasgow my whole life and I absolutely love it.

I feel at ease photographing in the city centre as much as I do in fancy castles or the wilderness of Scotland – I’m an expert in negotiations with Wild Deers to Wilder Ned’s (Though TBH Neds are actually a lot more reasonable).

glasgow wedding photography

The Story So Far…

I have the best crazy job in the world.

And when I’m not shooting weddings and elopements in Glasgow city centre or in the wilds of Scotland, you can find me spending way too much time playing video games, listening to extreme heavy metal or watching cat videos.

The love of my life is my soon to be wife Corinne and together we form the Good Luck Wolf team! Corinne is a hopeless romantic who likes all things fluffy (She bloody loves dugs! If theres a dug at your wedding SIGN. US. UP!). She’s been on the telly too! And once co-hosted with the legend that is CBBC’s very own Hacker the Dog! She is also the boss woman at Bite Club – Glasgow’s original and first Tooth Gem Technician – Get blinged before your big day!

We also share our home with our two cats Ziva and Zelda, who like to bring us little presents every day – Some nice, some not so nice, but always welcome.

I love old school Kung Fu and 80’s action movies – Fist of Fury is my favourite movie of all time and I regularly like winding people up by saying Jackie Chan and The Rock are the greatest actors of our generation.


Stuff I love

These Stupid fluffy animals

They drive me insane but they are cute.

Good Luck What?

We really wanted to use our own names to make it personal, but literally no-one can spell or pronounce Corinne’s name – So that was oot the windae!

If you haven’t seen the Wes Anderson movie based on Roald Dahls book “Fantastic Mr. Fox” then you need to go watch it right now.

Our name comes from a brilliant scene at the end where… **SPOILER**

Mr. Fox and his crew come across a a majestic and mysterious black wolf.

The scene is beautiful, fun, emotional and a bit daft – Just like us, our photos and the couples we love to work with!

(Also, its pronounced KAW-REEN, or Maureen with a C)


Fantastic mr fox


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