Thanks for checking in – We are Gary & Corinne and we are Glasgow based duo that specialise in natural wedding photography and portable new born baby shoots too.

“Good luck WHIT!?”

If you haven’t seen the Wes Anderson movie based on Roald Dahls book “Fantastic Mr. Fox” then you need to go watch it right now.

Our name comes from a brilliant scene at the end where… **SPOILER**

Mr. Fox and his crew come across a a majestic and mysterious black wolf.

The scene is beautiful, fun, emotional and a bit daft – Just like us, our photos and the couples we love to work with!

Hello! I’m Gary.

I’ve been photographing weddings for about 10 years (So yes, I did work through the spot colour fashion and no, I wont do it for you!) and very much love it.

I still get excited and nervous but most importantly honoured and humbled that couples put their trust in us. So massive thanks to all our couples past and present and future.


  • Our two cats Ziva + Zelda (Aka the Galdem)
  • Video Games
  • Kung Fu Movies
  • Extreme Metal Music

Hello! I’m Corinne 🙂

I love all things cute, small and fluffy. I graduated with an honours degree in Acting and performance and even co hosted with CBBC’s own Hacker.

There is nothing more heart warming then seeing two people in love tying the knot. I’m also a big hopeless romantic (much to Gary’s delight). I bloody love a good wedding!


  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Hallowe’en