Scottish English Wedding Sloans Glasgow

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A black and white photo of a married couple inside Sloans in Glasgow, they are surrounded by a dark wooden bar

Scottish English wedding Sloans Glasgow.

Organising a wedding isn’t easy – But imagine trying to organise a wedding 4,500 miles away is hard mode! Thats exactly what Carolyn & Dan done, and they absolutely smashed it. When I was asked to join their Scottish English wedding at Sloans I jumped at the chance.

Carolyn, who is from Glasgow, and Dan, who is from Yorkshire, England, met in Qatar and decided to get married in Glasgow. They wanted their wedding to be a celebration of their Scottish and English heritage, so they chose Sloans, a venue that is known for its vibrant atmosphere.

Sloans Glasgow Wedding

Carol Knight Humanist Society Scotland

Carolyn and Dan’s wedding was a raucous celebration of their love, with a mega party atmosphere. The ceremony took place at Sloans in Glasgow, Scotland, with a reception following at the same venue.

The fantastic and always professional Carol Knight from the Humanist Society Scotland led the ceremony which was full of laughter, tears and probably the most heckling I’ve ever seen in my life TBH.

The ceremony was a traditional Scottish affair, with bagpipes playing (Shout out to Gary Thomson Bagpiping! Some man!) with subtle nods to Yorkshire too – Dan had a white rose in his Hand Fasting material, Brilliant.

The party atmosphere carried on to the reception where more adults than children had their faces painted – I love that shit. I’ve not had my face painted in years!

Wedding DJ Gerry Lyons

One the wheels of steel was my main man, DJ Gerry Lyons – Easily the best Wedding DJ going! Guy is a total legend. There was also plenty of drinking, of course, and the party went on until the early hours of the morning.

Carolyn and Dan’s wedding was a truly memorable event. It was a day full of laughter, love, and plenty of partying. Their guests will never forget the day they celebrated the love of these two legends.

I am a massive fan of Sloans and feel like I’m never out of there! So if you’re getting married in Sloans, GEEZ A SHOUT! Even if its not a Scottish English wedding at Sloans Glasgow, all nationalities welcome <3

Shout out to the wedding vendors!

Venue – Sloans, Glasgow
Celebrant – Carol Knight
Florist – Moss flowers in Lenzie
Hair – Merkab Hair
Make-Up – Jen C MUA (she says I’m the best photographer in Glasgow FYI)
Dress – Wed2B
Cake – Creatures of Habit Cakery
Kilts/Suits – McDuff and McGregor
Rings – Lovely Sri Lankan family run jewellers in Qatar, and Dans ring was his Grandmothers
Band/Music – DJ Gerry Lyons
Decor – Lilly Cole Events
Piper – Gary Thomson Bagpiping

Sloans Glasgow Photos


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