70 Castle Wedding Venues in the UK – Updated

Castle Wedding Venues in Scotland and the UK

If the idea of a rustic barn wedding or a celebration at a pub wedding venue doesn’t appeal to you. A majestic wedding in one of the many castle wedding venues may be the right one for you. Scotland boasts some of the greatest castle wedding locations in the world. So if you’ve always wanted to say “I do” here, you’re in luck. Furthermore, Scotland has a thriving cultural scene as well as stunning scenery. Therefore there’s much to see and do on either side of your wedding day. Furthermore a castle is the frosting on the cake when it comes to a fairy tale wedding. There are magnificent castles all throughout Scotland where you may host your wedding. With locations to accommodate all sizes of wedding parties it’s one of the best choices you can make.

Castle Wedding Venues in Scotland

Castle Wedding Venues in Scotland, the biggest and best list of castle venues in Scotland to get married.

Looking for castles in Scotland to get married in? Then this post is for you.

Like our Loch Lomond Wedding Venue post we have made this list the biggest of its kind online.

Our Castle Wedding Venues in Scotland list is the biggest list available online.

We have put together the BIGGEST list of castle venues in Scotland. In this list there are over 50 different venues to choose from. Some of these venues are ruins and are only available for photographs or ceremonies.


The national trust in Scotland are the care takers for 27 castles and other estates in Scotland. Each castle venue has their own pricing. For a full list of castles in the national trust click here. https://www.nts.org.uk/venue-hire-information/weddings.

Exclusive Use Castle Venues In Scotland.

Some castles on this list are exclusive use, and we have shown this in the first bullet point of each castle. Exclusive may mean that you have use of the facility after public hours. This is the case for the on peak season at Eilean Donan Castle.



Barcaldine Castle

Located in Oban and dating back to 1609. Barcaldine Castle offers an exclusive use castle venue for your big day.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 36 people
  • Can accommodate 12
  • Prices from £2,690

Armadale castle

Situated on the isle of Skye the ruins of Armadale castle date back to the 18th century.

  • Great place for a ceremony on a nice day
  • Available for photo shoot

Eilean Donan Castle

Situated in the west Highlands the picturesque Eilean Donan castle. This castle has featured on films and is one of the most breathtaking of the castles on our list.

  • From £1250 for weddings below 10 people and £1500 for weddings above 10.
  • Exclusive use
  • Ceremony only
  • Receptions available at nearby restaurants.

Achnagairn Castle

An exclusive use white castle in the Highlands near Inverness. Achnagairn Castle dates back to the 17th century.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Caters for 200 and offers drinks and small snacks for up to 260.
  • Starting at £38.50 per head.

Brodie Castle

Brodie castle is a grade A listed building situated near Moray in the north of Scotland.

  • National Trust Building
  • Drinks reception – 100 Wedding ceremony – 60 Dining – 40
  • From £6k

Gordon Castle

Situated in the north-east of Scotland and offering weddings of up to 50 people in the castle.

  • Starting from £7k without accommodation and from £11k for 16 guests
  • External catering required

Dunvegan Castle

On the isle of Skye sits Dunvegan castle which dates back to the 13th century.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Offering weddings of up to 65
  • Starting From £2000 for weddings with 6 guests


Neidpath Castle

Image by – Source

An unspoiled 14th century Keep high above the River Tweed. In this castle tourists may enjoy private tours, lunches, and teas. Furthermore there’s a dungeon, a well, long-drops, and fires big enough to cook an ox. It also has a collection of magnificent 20th century batiks. The batiks are depicting Mary Queen of Scots’ time at the castle. Tours and refreshments are available by appointment throughout the year. Lastly, this castle can accommodate up to 80 guests for a wedding. It’s the perfect place if you want a medium-size wedding.

Thirlestane Castle

Image by – Source

One of Scotland’s oldest and most beautiful inhabited castles. Thirlestane Castle is located in the picturesque town of Lauder. It’s only 35 minutes south of Edinburgh, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Furthermore the castle began as a large stone keep, but through time it evolved into a huge ducal palace. Lastly it became a beautiful country home. It was formerly the seat of the Earls and Dukes of Lauderdale, and it is still the Maitland family home today. This magnificent structure has a plethora of intriguing sights. Ceilings with exquisite 17th century plasterwork, beautiful furniture, paintings, and Maitland family heirlooms. Furthermore the castle has the capacity to accommodate up to 400 guests. That’s perfect if you want to host a huge wedding.

Aikwood Tower

Aikwood tower located near Selkirk dates back to the 16th century and is grade A listed building.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings for 60 , accommodation 11
  • From £9,500

Auchen Castle

In the heart of Robert Burns Country, Auchen Castle sits near the town of Moffat and dates back to 1220.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings of up to 40
  • Prices from £4050 (exclusive use)

Duns Castle

Dating back to 1320 is Duns Castle. Situated in Berwickshire the castle itself is a scheduled monument

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings for 60 dining for 40
  • Starting from £2975


Completely rebuilt at the start of the 20th century. Manderston house features a silver plated staircase , located in berwickshire.

  • Offering weddings of up to 100
  • Price on enquiry

Paxton House

Paxton house built in 1763 is a historic house located in Paxton overlooking the river tweed.

  • Accommodating up to 150 guests
  • Exclusive use of first floor of Paxton house
  • Price on enquiry


Built in 1893 this stunning mansion is near the famous Gretna Green. Springkell offers exclusive use venue hire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Upt to 250 wedding guests
  • Price on enquiry

Wedderburn Castle

Wedderburn Castle is a grade A listed building. The castle dates back to the 18th century, located in berwickshire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Upto 80 guests
  • From £6150


Barony Castle

Built in 1536 Barony Castle, located in the Scottish Borders near the town of Peebles.

  • Up to 110 wedding guest
  • Prices from 1750

Borthwick Castle

Borthwick Castle is 12 miles from Edinburgh. The castle is one of the finest and best preserved medieval castles in Scotland.

  • Exclusive use
  • Up to 85 guests
  • From £8500

Carlowrie Castle

Built in 1852 and located in Edinburgh. Carlowrie Castle is set between 32 acres and offers exclusive use.

  • Exclusive Use
  • up to 110 guest
  • Price on request

Craigmillar Castle

Built in the 14th century and located in Edinburgh. Craigmilar Castle is a ruin but is available for wedding photos

  • Ruin
  • Photoshoot only


Around 1.5 miles from Edinburgh city centre. Dalhousie Castle was built in the 13th century and offers exclusive and price use hire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 100 guests
  • From £89 per head

Dirleton Castle

The ruins of Dirleton Castle can are around 19 miles east of Edinburgh. Dirleton Castle has parts dating back to the 13th century.

  • Ruin
  • Photo shoot only

Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle dates back to the 15th century, located in west Lothian.

  • Weddings unto 110
  • Accommodation possible

Edinburgh Castle

Dating back to the Iron Age The famous Edinburgh castle is a castle like no other.

  • Weddings of up 120
  • Reception of up to 170

Melville Castle

Built in 1791 Melville castle is now used as a county house hotel and located near Edinburgh.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings up to 80
  • Prices from £1000

Traquair Castle

Located close to Pebbles, is the 12th century stately home, Tarquair Castle.

  • Weddings up to 50
  • Prices from £800.

Fenton Tower

Fenton Tower is a 16th century sitting approximately 20 miles from Edinburgh.

  • Weddings up to 32 guests


Cornhill Castle

First recorded in 1385 Cornhill castle located near Lanark. The castle has views overlooking the river Clyde.

  • Room Hire
  • Prices from £4250

Crossbasket Castle

Dating back to the 15th century and located in East Kilbride close to Glasgow.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings Up to 60
  • Prices from £5300

Culcreuch Castle Hotel

First built in 1296 and located in Fintry Glasgow is Clucreuch Castle Hotel

  • Weddings up to 110

Sherbrooke Castle

Built in 1896 Sherbrooke Castle, situated in Pollok shields Glasgow.

  • Weddings up to 200


Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle is a real, breathing tribute to Scottish tradition. It is know for it’s hospitality, and it’s fun for everyone. Steeped in history, the castle developed through time into a beautiful architectural gem. Furthermore, it continues to thrive today. Once inside, each chamber has its own narrative to tell. The passionate tour guides will bring the growth of the castle, and its famous legends to life. The gardens that encircle Glamis Castle are lovely all year. Lastly, the castle has the capacity to accommodate up to 90 guests. That makes it the perfect location for a medium-size castle wedding.

Cluny Castle

Cluny Castle built in 1604, situated in the north-east of Scotland.

  • Weddings of upto 24
  • Price on request

Drum Castle

First built in 1280 Drum Castle, situated in the north-east of Scotland

  • National Trust Building
  • Drinks reception – 100 Wedding ceremony – 70 Dining – 50
  • From £6k

Drumtochty Castle

Built in 1812 Drumtochty Castle sits close to Drumtochty Forrest in Kincardineshire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings of upto 110 guests
  • Prices from £7k

Logie Country House

Castle Logie Country house was first built in 1680, situated in Aberdeenshire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings upto 150
  • Price upon request


Blairquhan Castle

Dating back to 1824 Blairquhan Castle is a grade A listed building located near Maybole.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 80 guests
  • Prices from £3900

Culzean Castle

Culzean Castle was build in 1792, located near the Ayrshire coast.

  • National Trust Building
  • Drinks reception – 100 Wedding ceremony – 100 Dining – 60
  • From £6k

Glenapp Castle

Built in 1870 Glenapp, located in the south west of Scotland near Girvan.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 200 guests
  • Prices from £9950


Stonefield Castle Hotel

Built in 1836 Stonefield, located on the west coast of Scotland near the town of Tarbet with views to Loch Fyne.

  • Up to 120 guests
  • Price upon request

Rothesay Castle

Built in the 13th century and in use until 1660 Rothesay Castle, located on the isle of Bute.

  • Suitable for ceremonies and photographs
  • Ruins


Glenskirlie House + Castle

Scotland’s newest built castle is Glenskirlie House, built in 1982 near Bonnybridge.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 100 Guests
  • Prices from £3699

Airth Castle

Dating back to 1508 Airth castle, located in Stirlingshire. The castle overlooks the village of Airth and the Fourth River

  • Prices from £50 pp


Myres Castle

Built in 1530 is a Castle that located in the Kingdom of Fife.

  • Up to 150 weddings guests

Aberdour Castle

Aberdour Castle built in 1200 making it one of the two oldest castles in Scotland

  • Historic Environment Scotland Venue
  • Weddings up to 60

Fernie Castle

Near St Andrews in Fife and built in the 14th century is Fernie Castle.

  • Weddings up to 180
  • Prices from £795


Fingask Castle

The castle is situated amid one of Scotland’s finest gardens. Furthermore, it’s on one side of a peaceful valley just off the A90 Perth-Dundee road. It’s located about 20 minutes from either, and an hour from Edinburgh and Glasgow. Fingask maintains a private-house atmosphere. The castle’s first-floor Long Gallery has been dubbed “the loveliest chamber in Scotland.” It has mirror lined walls and vaulted ceilings. The castle was modernized in the early twentieth century for festivities. Lastly, it can accommodate up to 100 people. That is perfect for a medium-size wedding.

Huntingtower castle

Built in the 15th century Huntingtower castle, located north west of Perth.

  • Suitable for ceremonies and photographs
  • Capacity 60

Murthly Castle

Murtly Castle built in the 16th century and is now a working estate north of Perth.

-Exclusive Use

-Price Upon request

Tullibole Castle

Erected in 1602 Tullibole Castle, located in the village of crook of Devon in Perthshire.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 100 guests

Blair Castle

Blair Castle dates back to 1269 making it amongst the oldest Castles in Scotland.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 70 guests

Castle Menzies

In the Highlands of Perthshire lies Castle Menzies which constructed in 1823.

  • Exclusive Use
  • From £1000

Fonab castle

This 5-star hotel located in Pitlochry in Perthshire and refurbished and opened in 2013.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Prices upon request

Glentruim Castle and Cottages

This private castle in the heart of the Cairngorns built in the 1840’s and spent most of its life as a family home.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Up to 80 people

Forter Castle

Located in the Angus council area near the Perthshire border. Forter Castle built in the 16th century.

  • Accommodating up to 24


Broomhall Castle

Built in 1874, Broomhall Castle is a balmoral style castle. The castle and is close to the Wallace monument.

  • Exclusive Use
  • Weddings upto 100
  • Prices from £1250

Stirling Castle

Like Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle is one of the most famous castles in Scotland.

  • Up to 200 guests
  • Prices upon request

Castle Campbell Wedding Venue

Castle Campbell is a medieval castle. The castle, located above the town of Dollar and dating back to 15th century

  • Suitable for photographs and ceremonies
  • Ruins
  • Capacity 60

Castle Wedding Venues in England

Pendennis Castle, Cornwall

Henry VIII constructed this massive fortification to protect the kingdom from invasion. This beautiful fortress is set on a cliff with stunning views out to sea. It has protected Cornwall since Tudor times. It also played a crucial part throughout the two World Wars. As you’re taken back to wartime Cornwall, you may experience the sights and sounds of warfare. Therefore this will ascend you to the top of the keep to monitor the horizon for attackers. Lastly the castle can accommodate up to 100 guests. That’s perfect if you don’t want a huge wedding but still want a castle wedding.

Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire

Old Wardour Castle, near Tisbury, is set in the tranquil Wiltshire countryside. Furthermore, it’s alongside a lake and was once one of Britain’s most daring and creative residences. It was constructed in the 14th century as a luxury home. With a modest fortification for pleasant living and opulent entertaining. Couples, families, and budding historians may enjoy a relaxing day out at the castle ruin. Lastly, this castle is perfect for small weddings up to 40 guests.

Belvoir Castle, England

The Dukes of Rutland’s ancestral residence is Belvoir Castle. For over a thousand years, the family has resided in Belvoir in an unbroken line. Its turrets and towers soar over the Vale of Belvoir like a lovely storybook image. Belvoir is also a wedding, private, and corporate event site. Furthermore it’s a historic estate with traditional agricultural and forestry methods. With a strong commitment to charity foundations and the community. Lastly the castle can take on 120 guests. That is excellent for medium-size weddings.

Appleby Castle

Appleby Castle is one of the few Norman castles that is occupied since its construction. Furthermore it has many dramatic architecture and spectacular vistas. Therefore the castle is one of the most attractive castles in the North of England situated at the foot of the Pennines. Lastly it can accommodate up to 100 guests for your wedding.

Castle Wedding Venues in Ireland

Ashford Castle, Ireland

The castles is full with rooms and suites nestled away in turrets, and amazing vistas. It’s no surprise that Ashford Castle consistently wins the Europe’s most romantic hotel. Therefore it’s difficult to imagine a more spectacular setting for the perfect day. Lastly the castle can hold up to 160 guests. That makes it perfect for a medium-size weddings.

Luttrellstown Castle

This Irish castle is situated in the middle of a private estate with 20 luxury guest rooms. This one-of-a-kind venue is a true 5-star experience for anyone. If you are searching for a private setting for a small gathering it definitely the place for you. Nothing could be more precious than surrendering your heart to your one true love in a castle. Lastly, the maximum capacity of this castle is 180 guests. That is perfect for medium-size weddings.

Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle is surrounded by 180 acres of woods, gardens, and a golf course, and offers lodging. Furthermore there are 140 beds on the estate, with a variety of lodging choices. Each of the 11 Castle Bedrooms is individually created. The Carriage Rooms are set within Kilkea Castle’s courtyard. They have interconnecting and wheelchair accessible rooms available in the castle. Lastly the castle can accommodate up to 120 guests. That is perfect for a medium-size weddings.

Darver Castle

Darver Castle is a one-of-a-kind wedding destination. It holds Castle Venue of the Year 2020 award. Furthermore, it provides a quiet and intimate environment for your special occasion. Darver Castle Estate was built in the 15th century and sits on 50 acres of beautiful parkland. It’s located in County Louth’s undulating countryside. Lastly, this castle can take on 120 guests. This makes it perfect for a medium-size weddings.

Castle Wedding Venues in Wales

West Bury Castle

The Mostyn family, one of Wales’ Great Families, resided in this beautiful Castle. You may rent your own castle for a week or a weekend and invite your favorite family and friends to come along. Lastly Westbury Castle can accommodate up to 40 Guest’s in 17 Bedrooms. This is perfect for a small-size weddings.

Fonmon Castle

In its 800-year existence, this mansion was held by two previous generations. Fonmon Castle has lovely Georgian interiors, which are ideal for business meetings. Therefore they are also great for private dinners, and small festivities. Furthermore the castle is surrounded by acres of lovely gardens. Lastly, the castle can hold up to 110 guests. This is perfect for a medium-size weddings.

Caerphilly Castle

The stronghold covers a wide area, making it Wales’ biggest castle. The castle, like the famed cheese, is associated with Caerphilly. It has the upper hand and takes up all of the attention. Consider a sleeping behemoth awaiting a summons to battle. Lastly, the castle can accommodate up to 300 guests. That would be perfect if you are looking to have an enormous wedding.

Chirk Castle

The construction of Chirk Castle, a stark emblem of authority, started around 1295. Furthermore, it was during the reign of the conquering Edward I in order to subdue the remaining kings of Wales. The award-winning gardens encompass 5.5 acres of groomed lawns and trimmed yews. Lastly, it also has herbaceous borders, lovely roses, shrub, and rock gardens. It can accommodate up to 80 guests and it’s a perfect location for a small to medium sized wedding.

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