Winter wedding flowers

Nov 27, 2021 | blog

Winter Wedding Flowers

No matter what season you’re being married in, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers is an absolute need. Your favourite flowers can be included in your bridal bouquet. So even if they aren’t really in season at the time of your nuptials, you can find a way to include them. If your wedding is during the winter, there are some winter wedding flowers that are just perfect.

Top winter flowers to choose for a winter wedding bouquet


Layout – trumpet-shaped flowers in different shades and long strap-like leaves

Smell – sweet, mild and delicate scent

Origin – Africa

Typically, amaryllis blossoms bloom in the garden in March, April, and May. However, sometimes they bloom again in the fall. A few simple tactics can cause them to bloom over the Christmas season. So they are a great choice for weddings in the colder months. The most common hues are red and white, however pinks can also be purchased. Beauty, love, and success are all connected with amaryllis.

Hypericum Berries

Layout – tiny fresh green tomatoes

Smell – no distinct scent

Origin – Mediterranean region of Europe, northern Africa and Middle East

For winter weddings, Hypericum Berries are becoming increasingly popular as bouquet additions. There are a variety of colours to choose from, including red, pink, orange, green, white, brown, and more. They are a great way to incorporate your wedding colours into your décor. They are a visual representation of hope and inspiration.

Sweet Peas

Layout – flowers look like fringed butterflies with folded stems

Smell – fragrant, rich perfume smell

Origin – Sicily

When it comes to romantic flowers, sweet peas are up there. The fragile petals and stems of these flowers need some attention. Sweet peas are a beautiful choice for winter bouquets. They’re also a beautiful choice for spring and summer bouquets.


Layout – dense upright shrub and rounded small tree shape with glossy dark leaves and rose like blooms

Smell – scentless

Origin – Far East areas of the Himalayas, China, Japan and Malaysia

In late October and into the winter, camellias are widely available as a decoration. There are an estimated 3,000 different varieties of the flower. That means that your bouquet colour selections are practically infinite. White, pink, red, and purple are among the most common colours of the flower. This flower is a symbol of love and adoration, which are two of the most important aspects of a wedding ceremony.


Layout – crinkly edges and a frilly flower

Smell – sugar and cloves

Origin – Eurasia

A lot of people don’t appreciate carnations. This means that they are hardy, which means they will thrive throughout the winter. Furthermore, they come in a range of hues. Choosing this flower for your wedding is a wonderful option if you are looking for a powerful flower.


Layout – rose-like blossoms and thin petals

Smell – scentless

Origin – Central Asia

The petals of these rose-like blooms are made of thin, translucent tissue and come in a range of hues. For winter weddings, ranunculus is available in shades of white, scarlet, and burgundy. Traditional or romantic-themed weddings might benefit from the delicate beauty of this flower.


Layout – similar to the shape of a rose

Smell – only smell when the leaves are crushed

Origin – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Northern Balkans

Hellebores, like sweet peas and Camellias, are another alternative. They are great for couples who want their nuptials to seem romantic and natural. Ivory, red, purple, and pink are the most common colours offered.


Layout – ranging from creamy white to pink with a flower similar to the rose

Smell – scentless

Origin – Mexico and Central America

During the winter months, these flowers are widely accessible. They tend to bloom from November through April. Red is the most popular hue, but white and pink are also popular possibilities. So it’s a great flower to add some colour and contrast to a wedding in December. A wonderful flower for any winter party, it symbolizes purity, good joy, and festivity.


Layout – long, variegated leaves ranging from bright green to light-yellow green

Smell – spicy, zesty scent with green undertones

Origin – Africa, Asia, Madagascar, Pacific Islands and Australia

Gardenias normally bloom in the summer months. However, many well-cared-for plants enjoy blossom again in the fall. So this makes them ideal for early winter brides. The white flowers represent snowy mountains and smell tropical and fresh. It is the delicate purity, love, and joy that gardenias represent that make them so popular.


Layout – small with single, double, ruffled fringed or lily-shaped flowers

Smell – grassy green smell

Origin – Turkey

Tulips are a delicate floral choice for women who desire a more fanciful bouquet. Furthermore, they have long branches, which makes them great for towering centrepieces. In terms of colour, white or pink are the best choices.

Gerbera Daisies

Layout – 3-4 inch flowers in different colours

Smell – scentless

Origin – Africa

Because most couples don’t want their florals to appear too frivolous, gerbera daisies can be tricky to design. Yet, there are exquisite bouquets fashioned out of this flower that look wonderful. The Gerbera daisy belongs to a vast family. There are more than 40 different species found across the world.

Calla Lilies

Layout – flowers are shaped in the form of a funnel

Smell – they don’t have much scent

Origin – South Africa

Calla lilies are trumpet-shaped flowers with a petal that delicately wraps around the yellow spadix. So this makes them one of the most sumptuous flower options. For a winter wedding, the most popular calla lily colours are white or midnight red.


Layout – bright green leaves with a colourful flower at the top

Smell – sweet-smelling

Origin – Asia, Australia, Himalayas and Philippines

Orchids give bridal bouquets and centrepieces a sculptural elegance and a formal ambiance. White, pink, purple, blue, and yellow are some of the hues available. For generations, orchids have been a prized flower used in many weddings. The delicate blossoms have come to symbolize love, luxury, elegance, and strength.


Layout – hollow body with stinging tentacles at the top

Smell – no smell

Origin – Japan

During the winter, anemones will be in plentiful abundance. Furthermore, their blooms usually blossom in a dazzling white colour, which is a popular choice. So the contrast between the black cores and the white petals is lovely and eye-catching. Pink, purple, and red are some of the other hues available. Because anemones are connected with excitement, it’s no surprise that they’re a favourite bridal bouquet.

Rose Winter Wedding Flowers

Layout – erect with trailing shrubs

Smell – rose floral scent

Origin – Central Asia

For many years, roses have been one of the most popular bridal bouquet selections. They’re an absolute classic, and you can’t go wrong with them. Roses are available all year and come in a variety of hues such as red, white, pink, yellow, and orange. Also, roses have many meanings depending on their hue. Since the Greeks identified the flower with the goddess Aphrodite, they have been synonymous with love.

Scottish Fresh Heather Bouquet

Layout – purple stems, small close leaves and feathery spikes

Smell – mossy and woody

Origin – Northern and Western Europe, Turkey and Morocco

Heather flowers are often associated with good fortune, admiration, and protection. Because of her love of Scottish mythology and traditions, Queen Victoria promoted the heather as good luck in England. Therefore, a branch of white heather is commonly included in a bride’s bouquet in Scotland for good luck.

Winter Wedding Flowers – Peony Bouquet

Layout – glossy, divided leaves and fleshy rootstocks

Smell – sweet and rosy, sometimes citrusy and spicy

Origin – Asia, Europe and Western North America

Peonies are a classic option for summer and winter weddings. The reason they are perfect is because of their luxuriant shape and delicate petals. Furthermore, red peonies lend a deep tint to red and green Christmas wedding flowers.

Winter Wedding Flowers – Evergreen bouquet

Layout – tiny spiky leaves combined with branches

Smell – piney woods perfume

Origin – All around the world

Evergreens are associated with winter for a reason. Combine evergreens with other seasonal flowers, such as protea, on a foliage-filled base to create your own take on greenery. This way, you are bound to create a unique bouquet for your special day.

Pansy Winter Wedding Flowers

Layout – heart-shaped overlapping petals

Smell – delicate aroma similar to perfumes

Origin – Iver, Buckinghamshire, England

The pansy is a short-lived annual or perennial with heart-shaped or spherical leaves. The leaves are sprouting from the base and oblong or oval leaves growing from the stems. Yellow, red, blue, purple, mauve, pink, orange, white, and even black are some of the colours available.

Winter Wedding Flowers – Cyclamen

Layout – Heart-shaped leaves with medium green and silver marbling.

Smell – orange, dry, sweet, aldehydic, amber, woody, costus

Origin – Persia (Iran)

The twisted and reflexed flower petals give the bloom its characteristic, beautiful bend. Furthermore, cyclamen flowers come in a variety of colours, including white, pink, lavender, and red. Additionally, the empathic, dedicated heart is symbolized by cyclamen. So it was planted beside historic monasteries.


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