How do you choose your wedding photographer? 6 tops tips

Jan 22, 2023 | Recent work

How do you choose your wedding photographer?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! The crazy wedding list has begun – Venue, Celebrant, Guest list, canapes…. But How do you choose your wedding photographer? Being a photographer I like to think I might know a thing or two, so here are my top tips.

How do you choose your wedding photographer?

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

1 – How important is photography to you?

This might sound mental, but I think the first question you should really ask yourself is how important photograph’s are to you. This will help set your budget (Time, Effort and money budgets). If you’re just wanting a few photos and not too bothered how they look then you’ll be able to find someone relatively cheap – that might even be friend or a student just starting out. However, if photos are important to you then its also important you take the time and effort to find the perfect photographer.

When it comes to the right photographer you should try and be as flexible as possible on budget, but also realistic. But remember, photo’s are one of the only things that will be with you forever once the wedding is over – So it really is a priceless investment.

Glasgow Wedding Photography, wedding cake
The Best Wedding cake I have ever seen!

How to narrow down wedding photographers.

2 – Research

Once you have a rough idea of budget it’s time to see who’s available, and more importantly, up for it! The first thing to do is search for Glasgow Wedding Photographers on Google, #GlasgowWeddingPhotographer on Instagram (or search your venue tags or location) or join a facebook group like Blushing Brides Scotland – Put in your date, your venue and let the 3 million photographers roll in! This is arguably the hardest part as it can be very overwhelming, however, the next point should make things a bit easier.

Also, when googling Glasgow Wedding Photographer check our THEIR REVIEWS (5 stars, baby!)

Glasgow Wedding Photographer - City Chambers wedding
Rainy Day wedding at 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow City Chambers

Wedding photographer styles

3 – Could you see their photos on your walls?

There are loads of different types of photographers;

  • Dark & Moody
  • Bright, Light & Airy
  • Natural – so use no flash or poses
  • Glamorous High key – Using flash & airbrushing
  • Completely candid with no posing, formal photos or couple shoot

And many many more! The advice I give everyone is, look at their Website, Portfolio and make sure you’re following them on Instagram as thats where their most recent work should be.

Could you image those type of photos hanging on the walls of your home, in an album or your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp profile photo? Then get in touch with them.

The Cow Shed Crail Wedding Photography
Rustic DIY wedding at The Cow Shed, Crail

4 – Ask to see full galleries

Don’t just rely on the greatest hits from their portfolio or Instagram. Be sure they will capture the whole day at the quality and coverage you’re expecting. If a photographer doesn’t show you any full galleries, run to the hills! A decent photographer will have a plethora of images to show you, and shouldn’t be ashamed to do so. Again, ask yourself “Can I see myself in these photos?”

Relaxed wedding at St Lukes, Glasgow Barrowlands

5 – Have a conversation with them

This can either be on Zoom or face to face – Personally I much prefer Zoom; its convenient, you don’t need to leave the house and you can wear your pyjamas!

Just have a conversation with them, get to know them – Ask wedding questions, ask questions about their life. You’re wanting to see if they are the type of person you could be around all day.

My rule of thumb is your suppliers should be the type of people you would invite to your wedding as a guest.

A bride and groom laugh on their wedding day
Small wedding at The Bothy Glasgow

What to expect from wedding photographer

6 – Ask them good questions

  • What time do they arrive, what time do they leave
  • What is your approach for photos – capturing the day, the couple shoot, formal family photos
  • How many photos do I get?
  • How long do I need to wait for my gallery?
  • Ask for a sample of their contract!

So many times I’ve heard complaints that photographers have taken couples away for hours, didn’t do any formal family photos, didn’t do a couple shoot, or done a couple shoot but overly posed them – Or anything else they specifically didn’t ask for. Remember on the day YOU are the boss!

If the photographer has told you they wont have you away for hours and it feels like its dragging on, tell them. Also, if your photographer is making you feel uncomfortable or asking too much – Tell them. Though hopefully good research and meetings will mean you never get to this point.

I send out a sample contract to anyone I speak to – That way you know you’re not signing your life away. There should be no grey area before booking, so make sure you know for sure.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer
Small wedding at 23 Montrose Street, Glasgow City Chambers

Found this post helpful? Want to put the great advice into action and see if I fit the bill? GET IN TOUCH!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer

How do you choose your wedding photographer?


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