Gary and Corinne – Engagement shoot?!


Something we have definitely missed during isolation is getting creative with our cameras. There’s only so many photos of our cats we can take (we can take quite a lot) before we realise there’s something missing – the couples. We love the connection we make with our couples and it’s a big reason why we love to do engagement shoots before your day.

We felt a bit deflated and ‘meh’. So when challenged by Joplusliam to take our own couple photos…we decided this was exactly what we needed to get our creative juices flowing again!

Sticking to the guidelines, we stayed close to home (literally two walls and the car park!) and took our own engagement shoot! At first, like any other shoot, it’s a big awkward and you care too much about people seeing you but after we got our first shot, it was game on and we spotted more locations around our home.

Who’dda thought the bin shed would be so romantic?!