Alternative Queens Park Wedding

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Lou & Hoss • Alternative Queens Park Wedding • Glasgow

Loads of people will see Hoss and think “I know him!” And thats because he’s one of the best Coffee Barista’s in Glasgow! I know him from frequenting Scran and Mesa. Two of the absolute GOAT Glasgow Coffee shops btw.

Because me and Corinne are never out of there we have built up a good friendship with the staff. Chris AKA The Scran Man even made the famous Quaich Sausage Roll for our wedding!

So when Hoss told me he was getting married I let him know I would be glad to help him with any questions – It’s no my first rodeo!

I see this a lot with couples – feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start with wedding planning. Instead of letting that feeling hold you back, let’s identify what matters most to you both. What do you want to prioritise the most? Do you have a strict budget? Is there a special date? A special venue? A supplier you absolutely need to get? Once you figure out what’s important, everything should work around that.

Hoss said that food was the most important thing for him and Lou. Make sense considering his places of work! So they wanted something cheap and local that they could decorate theirselves – Queens Park Bowling Club ticked all the boxes.

Queens Park Bowling Club Wedding

Graeme Cumming of the Humanist Society Scotland took the ceremony. It was low key and intimate, perfect for this couple.

The couple spent the rest of the day celebrating with their guests, and their relaxed energy was contagious. The crowd was incredibly laid-back, it was truly one of the most chill wedding celebrations I’ve ever experienced.

Calling in his work pals they put on an absolute FEAST! Seriously the best wedding food I’ve ever had in my life.

Gorgeous wee wedding – MASSIVE Thank you to Lou & Hoss for letting me be part of it

Alternative Queens Park Wedding Photos

Alternative Queens Park Wedding

If you’re getting married at Queens Park Bowling Club – GET IN TOUCH!

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