Mary-Ann & Jamie – West Park Hotel, Clydebank


Jamie (Or Jambo) is a bit of a hero of mine – we actually went to school together when we were like 10/11 years old, lost contact for nearly 20 years and then fate brought us back together through the medium of martial arts!

The reason Jambo is a hero is because he shed a ridiculous 9 stone for his first fight! (For real, here’s a new article about it) WHIT! That’s more than a full Corinne! Total legend and an absolute heart of gold to match, we couldn’t say Yes quick enough when he asked us to be part of his big day with the lovely Mary-Ann (They even asked me at a Thai boxing show… there’s a theme here!)

Anyway, the day was an absolute cracker – It’s so funny, I’ve seen Jamie fight full contact Muay Thai (Like, getting punched and kicked by another human being…) but I have never seen him look so nervous as when me and Corinne arrived at the venue (Think the first photo says it all). You’d think marrying the love of your life would be less nerve wracking that having your face punched in… apparently not.