Wedding Anniversary Years

Jan 5, 2022 | blog

Wedding anniversary years

The tradition of giving anniversary presents by year dates back to the Middle Ages. Anniversary gifts become more valuable as time goes on. This symbolizes how a couple’s marriage grows stronger over time.
You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to discover what the wedding anniversary years mean. You can also find some unusual anniversary gift ideas here as well.

1st Anniversary: Paper

The fragile nature of paper reflects how your marriage is still in its early stages. You’ve only just finished your first year of marriage together. So, there are still plenty of blank pages for the two of you to fill.

A romantic book or a blank diary would be a great gift for this anniversary.

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

Cotton is a flexible and long-lasting fabric that has the properties of a second-year marriage. Cotton gifts represent how, even in the face of adversity, your marriage must remain strong.

Pajamas with a nice print or a t-shirt is a great gift for the 2nd anniversary.

3rd Anniversary: Leather

Leather symbolizes the shelter and stability you found in your 3 years of marriage. Leather is a long-lasting material that protects us from the elements, just like you both do.

A leather jacket or leather shoes would be an amazing gift for this anniversary.

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

Your marriage has truly started to bloom and ripen at this point. It’s time for some lovely fruit and flowers, right? Fruits and flowers reflect the flowering of your marriage into a lovely adventure.

Chocolate dipped strawberries is a great gift idea for this anniversary. You can also get a nice bouquet of white roses and one red rose.

5th Anniversary: Wood

The fifth wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion for couples. They are no longer referred to as “newly-weds” or “newly wedded.” It’s a significant occasion in any marriage.

Gifting a picture in a wood picture frame is an excellent gift. Also, you could plant a tree in your yard, so you can watch it grow over the years.

6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron

Sugar represents the sweetness of your love for one another. The iron represents the strength and endurance of your marriage. These two combined represent the sweetness and strength of your marriage.

A box of nice chocolates is a great gift for this anniversary.

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper

Copper is well-known for its sturdiness. It protects against evil while also attracting love. Warmth and comfort are associated with wool. They signify a strong and loving connection when they are together.

A great gift idea for this anniversary would be a sweater that matches the colour of their eyes.

8th Anniversary: Bronze

Symbolically, bronze depicts the union of two hearts. These hearts have fused together to form a single, powerful entity.

A great gift for this anniversary would be a bronze sculpture or a bronze jewellery.

9th Anniversary: Pottery

Your relationship began as a lump of clay, but it has blossomed into something beautiful. There have been many ups and downs in your relationship. Something like the figurative furnace of life, and you are prepared to face anything.

A great gift for this anniversary is to attend a pottery class and make something for your spouse.

10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum

Tin is impervious to corrosion and damage, much like your marriage after a decade. It’s also traditionally used to keep and preserve items. This is a compliment to your love’s preservation. Aluminium is a malleable metal that represents the flexibility and durability.

An old-fashioned tin or aluminium lunch box is a great gift. Also, a jewellery box is a great choice.

11th Anniversary: Steel

Steel is a reminder of the amazing power of your love on your 11th wedding anniversary. Also, it represents resilience and endurance.

A great gift would be stainless steel cookware for the 11th anniversary.

12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen

Luxurious linen is sturdy, long-lasting, and pricey. Sultry silk, on the other hand, is as tough as it is seductive. Despite the fact that your marriage is strong and stable, you still have a strong yearning for one other.

Interesting idea for a gift would be silk undergarments or robes.

13th Anniversary: Lace

Lace is a delicate and sensuous textile that represents marriage’s unity and intricacy. Working with delicate fabric takes patience and commitment. Just as your relationship necessitates specific attention.

A great idea for a gift at this point would be laced underwear.

14th Anniversary: Ivory

Ivory is a prestige and richness emblem. Elephants are known for their wisdom, long memory, and loyalty. So it’s no wonder that you’ve chosen them as a symbol of your love after all these years.

An amazing gift on this anniversary would be an elephant made out of ivory or an opal gem.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal signifies the glittering love you two have for each other. Since it is both strong and delicate, much like your marriage. Your marriage is now completely transparent, and you’re stronger as a result.

An awesome gift would be a crystal brooch or a crystal vase.

16th Anniversary: Wax

This is a beautiful way to recognize the ferocious intensity of your love and the embers that burn inside them.

A great gift would be a scented candle that would inspire passion for each other.

17th Anniversary: Furniture

Your relationship, like a nice piece of furniture, gives beauty and support. That is why furniture is the modern and traditional wedding anniversary present for this year.

An end table or a new bed would be great for this anniversary.

18th Anniversary: Porcelain

Your marriage is a thing of beauty after 18 years. But it must be cherished, much like the customary 18th anniversary present. Porcelain is an extremely sturdy material, much like your marriage is right now.

A porcelain ring dish or a tray is an amazing gift idea.

19th Anniversary: Bronze

Bronze is a classic and modern present for the event that is both beautiful and sturdy, and it is more than fitting. So celebrate a marriage that has endured both good and hard times.

Bronze kitchenware is an amazing gift for this anniversary.

20th Anniversary: China

China is an entire reflection of your marriage after two decades. It is elegant and gorgeous, but also delicate and fragile. It will break if you take it for granted or mishandle it.

Get a fancy china similar to the ones you got at the wedding.

25th Anniversary: Silver

Silver, being one of the most popular precious metals, requires little introduction. Your marriage’s worth has risen to new heights as you approach your 25th anniversary.

A truly amazing gift would be a silver engraved pen or an engraved silver ring.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

These exquisite white pearls, hidden in the depths of the water, are renowned for their beauty. They are also famous for the length of time it takes for them to develop. After three decades together, you’ve produced something lovely and pearls are great to celebrate it.

Pearls of choice is a perfect gift for this anniversary.

35th Anniversary: Coral

This lovely substance is known as the stone of transformation and tranquillity. It represents strength and longevity, two qualities that are evident in a marriage. Especially one that lasted for so long.

Travelling to visit some coral reefs is the perfect gift idea for this anniversary.

40th Anniversary: Ruby

It’s a symbol of your undying love for one another. 40 years of marriage is a significant milestone to commemorate. It’s also known as the Ruby Anniversary.

Jewellery with rubies and rose gold is the perfect gift on this day.

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire is a regal and long-lasting gemstone. Just as you’ve always been to each other throughout the years.

Sapphire jewellery is also the obvious and best choice for a gift on this anniversary.

50th Anniversary: Gold

Gold symbolizes your marriage’s power, wisdom, wealth, and significance. It is a sign of 50 years of marriage – something that cannot be replaced because it’s one of the most valuable commodities in the world.

A gold watch is one of the best gifts you can get your spouse on this anniversary.

55th Anniversary: Emerald

The ideal approach to express affection. The emerald is a symbol of this. Like your marriage, it’s also one of the rarest treasures.

One of the best presents to get your spouse is an emerald jewellery such as a necklace.

Wedding Anniversary Years – 60th Anniversary: Diamond

Your love for one another is a sign of the unconquerable. Your marriage has also endured the test of time, shining brightly like a diamond.

A stunning pair of diamond earrings would be an amazing gift for this anniversary.


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