50 Wedding Hairstyles + Celebrities who rocked the look

The perfect hairstyle is an important component of your wedding ensemble. It can sometimes be hard to decide what look to go for. Here are a few wedding hairstyles to give you inspiration. 

Undone chignon 

wedding hairstyles

An undone chignon creates the perfect messy look. This added twist to the classic updo adds an elegant touch. Sleek and stylish, Hailey Bieber pulled off this effortless look for her wedding.

Beach waves 

wedding hairstyles

The classic beach wave style can rock any look you’re going for. The soft waves give you a relaxed yet chic look that mixes polished with casual. This is a preferred look, seen on the likes of Devon Windsor and Gisele Bundchen on their special days.

Mussed-up updo

wedding hairstyles

This style is a fine contrast between messy and stylish. Ellie Goulding rocked the mussed up-do on her wedding. The messed-up bun can carry with and without a veil. Add face-framing tendrils for a simple finish.

Polished low bun 

wedding hairstyles

A neat comb going down in a polished low bun towards the nape gives a sleek look. Supermodel Karlie Kloss rocked this look with a simple side parting for flair. 

Soft-swept low chignon

wedding hairstyles

A low glossy chignon resting at the nape is a classic among wedding hairstyles. Princess Eugenie perfectly embodied this look with softly swept back hair. Loose curls towards the sides softly offset the look.

Chic updo 

woman in white floral wedding dress

Meghan Markle has popularised this particular look, especially on her wedding day. The chic updo remains simple yet elegant, and works well both with a veil and without one. You can even finish the look with soft, loose layers on the sides.

Loose flower crown

wedding hairstyles

An easy yet graceful look, this is a simpler choice among wedding hairstyles. You can leave your hair loose and messy. Add a classic flower-crown woven between the tendrils. Rose Leslie for her wedding to Kit Harrington wore this look with style.

Pared back up-do

wedding hairstyles

A slicked back up-do will offer your hair shine and makes for a suave look. Chanel Iman rocked the pared-back updo for her wedding. This style carries the veil exceptionally well. Queen Bey also slicked her hair back to highlight her natural beauty.

Glamorous hollywood waves 

woman in white wedding dress standing on green grass field during daytime

This is hands-down one of the most stylish and glamorous of wedding hairstyles you can go for. Kate Upton carried this look with grace at her wedding, with deep wavy hair and glossy allure. Even better they work amazingly with long and short hair, as seen on Jennifer Lawrence.

Flowing loose waves

wedding hairstyles

Long flowing loose waves give you that perfect relaxed yet stylish look. A neat part in the middle, accessorised with a flowing veil completes the look. If you’re looking for inspiration, singer Ciara reinvented the look for her wedding.   

Natural afro

wedding hairstyles

Solange Knowles comes to mind when you think of this look. She chose to wear her natural afro hair for her wedding. The au naturel look is simple, sleek and stylish, and you can even accessorize!

Textured ponytail 

wedding hairstyles

Olivia Palermo carried this look with her own preppy style at her wedding. Center parted hair ending in a textured ponytail for volume. The effortless look offers a simple yet chic finish to the bridal look.

Boho braided updo 

wedding hairstyles

Boho brides can accessorize their look with a braided updo to accentuate the style. Missoni heiress Margherita Missoni carried the look with class at her wedding. The updo wraps around the crown to create a unique, stylish look.

Half-up/half down

woman wearing white off-shoulder wedding gown wearing white petaled flower

If you’re unsure whether you want to put up your hair or let it loose- you can always do both! The half-up, half-down look is simple yet graceful, as worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding. A neat side part can be followed by loose waves or bouncy tresses- whatever you like!

Elegant chignon

wedding hairstyles

For those looking for a fancy, sophisticated look, an elegant chignon is a great choice. The hair is combed back into a sleek knot or bun tied at the nape. Grace Kelly dazzled with this look at her wedding to the Prince of Monaco.

Laissez-faire waves 

wedding hairstyles

Laissez-faire waves offer that messy, relaxed look that exudes casual elegance. It also comes with variety, you can wear it center or side parted, or even pinned to the side. Cindy Crawford flawlessly wore the look at her casual beachside wedding.

Dutch braid updo 

wedding hairstyles

Sleek, stylish and elegant, the dutch braided updo never ceases to impress. With a side part braid running around the back, the style finished off in a low messy bun. A wonderful example is Bette Frank’s effortless look for her wedding.

Sleek low bun 

wedding hairstyles

A sleek low bun is always a classic choice to complete the bridal look. It works well with either a center or side part, brushed neatly back into a tight bun. Whitney Port and Kate Bosworth perfectly accentuated this look at their weddings.

Long waves 

wedding hairstyles

Wavy looks are always in-style, and leave room for plenty of variation. Sofia Vergara’s look for her wedding included long, loose waves to set off the bridal look. You can also accessorize with pins, pendants or even flowers!

Low braided updo

wedding hairstyles

Braids compliment the bridal look as a sleek and elegant addition. Allison Williams swept the side braid into a low bun at the nape. This look perfectly mixes classic and fashionable.

Loose wavy locks

wedding hairstyles

The half-up style works in variations, and leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can let loose wavy locks flow with soft braids pulling hair away from the face. Bar Refaeli’s look at her wedding was stylishly complimented with this hairstyle.

Low pony 

wedding hairstyles

A low pony can work well with center or side parting. It is a simple yet elegant look, offering great results with minimum work. This style works wonders if you’re supporting a high neckline like Jamie Chung.

Pixie hairstyle

wedding hairstyles

This hairstyle gives you a soft and sweet look for short hair. One great way to accessorize is with a flower crown, woven in through the hair. Sweep your hair off to one side to complete the look. Designer Erin Fetherston carried this look with grace at her wedding.

Loose updo 

woman wearing white wedding veil

Another classic choice among wedding hairstyles, the loose updo is a chic look. This is a versatile look that can work with a lot of variation depending on your style. Chrissy Teigen wore this look in an effortless low bun that looked stunning.

Mussed textured chignon

wedding hairstyles

Textured chignon is a simple yet elegant twist on the classic hairstyle. A mussed-up look simply lends to the relaxed, romantic look. Portia de Rossi turned this timeless style into a graceful look. 

French twist chignon

wedding hairstyles

Another play on the classic chignon, the French twist adds a bit of flair to the look. The updo ties at the crown, and is perfect for veil-carrying brides. Chelsea Clinton wore this look to wonderful results at her wedding.

Soft, loose texture

wedding hairstyles

If you want to go for something simple yet classy, this is the hairstyle for you. Especially suited to long hair, this style can really work for all kinds of hair. Simply add a little texture and let your hair do the rest. Kate Moss rocked this look in a boho style for her wedding.

Braided top knot

wedding hairstyles

A top knot is a great go-to look for everything from casual to wedding hairstyles. You can add an extra twist to the classic style with a braid wrapped around the knot. Beatrice Casiraghi reinvented this look with an elegant result.

Sleek pulled-back knot

wedding hairstyles

For thinner and medium-length hair, this is the perfect look. A sleek, pulled back knot works well with a side parting. You can also accessorize with pins or flowers. Nicky Hilton wore this look for her wedding to stunning effect.

Double-looped chignon

wedding hairstyles

A sleek center-part that ends in a double-looped chignon exudes royal elegance. This style will sit low at the nape. It is also wonderfully suited for a veil and other accessories. Princess Sofia repopularised this refined look for her wedding.

Mussed updo 

wedding hairstyles

A mussed updo creates that perfect contrast between stylish and effortless. This look isn’t overly sleek, but instead goes for a more raw, natural look. Pippa Middleton pulled this updo off with ease, as a classic example of this hairstyle.

Side ponytail

wedding hairstyles

For those looking to carry their natural, curly hair, this is a wonderful choice. Sweep your hair to a side and carry the pony as high or low as you want. Let your hair add natural volume to the look. Issa Rae’s effortless look shows how well this style can be worn. 

Reverse french braid

wedding hairstyles

If you would like to go for something chic and fashionable, the reverse french braid might just do the trick. It will gather your hair in an alegent braid tucked underneath in the back. This look works well with and without a veil. Scarlett Johansson really pulled this look off with a graceful effect.

Sky-high top knot 

woman in white floral wedding dress holding bouquet of flowers

This look adds a mild twist on the classic top-knot. Easy to do with an elegant result, the top knot is mussed for a classic effect. Cher Lloyd found the perfect balance between simple and classy with her look.

Fishtail braided updo 

wedding hairstyles

Fishtail updos are not only fancy, but also tasteful for all occasions. A fishtail braid wrapping around the nape gathers the hair in an effortless updo. This look worn by Emily Blunt shows the wonderful effect it produces.

Natural pixie 

wedding hairstyles

Some of the best wedding hairstyles are often ones that don’t require work. Those with pixie cuts can forego styling, and instead wear their hair naturally. Julianne Hough’s non-styled pixie is effortlessly elegant.

Wavy half- updo

Half-updos are all the trend, and they work well with most ensembles. Kerry Washington’s half updo is a stunning inspiration. Leave your remaining hair in long waves that compliment the entire look.

Loose curls 

wedding hairstyles

Yet another simple yet graceful look, loose curls are easy to do. You can also accessorize with pins or flowers. Emily Blunt chose to wear the look with hair pinned to the side for a classy effect.

Exaggerated side-part

wedding hairstyles

An exaggerated side-part never goes out of style. Create some volume or waves to your hair for an added effect. Rachel Brosnahan’s hairstyle is a perfect example of this cutesy,  remarkable look.

Over-the-shoulder curls 

wedding hairstyles

For a simple, elegant look, over-the-shoulder curls are a go-to. Keep the curls light, almost wavy, with a simple side sweep. Zoey Deutch pulled off this look with easy elegance.

Short pixie waves 

wedding hairstyles

Short hair doesn’t always come with a lot of styling options. Greta Gerwig changed this with her short, wavy pixie that offered a casual elegance to the look. You can even go as hard or soft with the curls as you like!

Slicked down

wedding hairstyles

Another classy short hair look, slicked down pixie adds a glossy effect. Neatly sweep to the side and style it in the quietly dignified look. Janelle Monae carried this look with remarkable grace and ease.

Wavy bob

person with grey and black hair

A wavy bob works on the classic hairstyle. Add loose waves that end straight and offer volume. Look no further than Emma Roberts for inspiration. She pulled this particular ensemble off with stylish simplicity.

Top-knot half updo

wedding hairstyles

A twist on the top-knot, this half updo is always in. Leave a messy top-knot for a mussed-up effect. You can add waves or volume to the rest of your hair as you like. Miranda Cosgrove rocked this look with her short hair.

High-glam pony 

wedding hairstyles

Ponytails are effortless, simple and unique among wedding hairstyles. You can add this stylish twist like Kate Beckinsale for a fantastic effect. With a messy look up front, you can add volume to the ponytail for added effect.

Side-swept braid 

wedding hairstyles

Braids are a timeless classic for all manner of styles. A side-swept braid leaving wavy tendrils framing your face is a beautiful bridal look. Emma Stone shows how effortless and relaxed this look is.

Loose curls updo 

man in gray formal suit kissing woman in white dress

You can work some magic with even a simple updo with this style. Leave wavy or lightly curled tendrils around your face. Chrissy Teigen’s look perfectly captured the raw elegance of this simple updo.

Low pony with volume

wedding hairstyles

This is another look for the curly haired wanting to go all natural. Pull back your hair in a sleek ponytail, and let your natural curls add volume to the style. Issa Rae’s signature hair pull of this look beautifully.

Natural accessorised

wedding hairstyles

Sometimes what works best is nothing at all. This style works especially well for short, curly hair. You can simply leave your hair in its beautiful natural state. Get creative with accessories- anything from pins to headbands. Lupita Nyong’o worked this look with immense grace and style.

Retro flipped ends

wedding hairstyles

This is another style well-suited to short hair.The retro look adds a classy effect to your ensemble. Create flipped-end large curls to give your hair volume and bounce. Zendaya pulled off this look to a fantastic, chic finish. 

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