The 30 Best Wedding Guest Book Ideas

How to make your wedding an event to remember!

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Why not make it even more memorable by opting for a creative wedding guest book?

The guests at your wedding are likely to be people close and dear to you. The guest book gives them an opportunity to express their warm wishes for you and your spouse. It also allows the guests to participate in the wedding if they don’t get the chance to wish the bride and groom. As for the couple, the guest book is a precious memento with which to relive a beautiful day. Moreover, it’s also useful for keeping a record of the people who actually showed up to celebrate your day.

A wedding guest book doesn’t really have to be just bound up paper now! There are several ways of making it exciting and colourful. We have compiled a collection of creative and memorable wedding guest book ideas for you. Some of these have been tried and tested while others are more cutting edge. 

1. Wooden Tree Trunk:

If your wedding theme is whimsical and traditional, this tree trunk idea is for you. Lay large slices of wood on the guest table and get permanent markers with which your guests can sign these. After the wedding, add a coat of transparent polish to the wood. This will permanently save the signatures. You can hang these wooden slices in your home for everyone to see. 

2. Jenga Stick Alternative:

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga? Lay down Jenga sticks on a table. Every guest will write down their wishes on a separate stick and add them to the Jenga tower. Thus, every time you play Jenga, you can re-read those wishes and revive your wedding day.

3. Polaroid Scrapbook:

Polaroid pictures are all the rage these days. They have a vintage look and are ready in a minute. Lay down an instant polaroid camera that the guests can use to take their own pictures. It will only take a minute for the picture to be ready. After that, the guests can sign the book and then paste their pictures next to it. 

4. Serving Platter Guestbook:

Instead of laying out a book, lay large white platters for your guests to sign. Once the wedding is over, you can bake these empty plates in your home’s own oven. This will ensure that the signatures are permanently imprinted on the plate. You can even display these plates as a decorative element on your living room shelves. This way, they’ll always remind you of your magical day! 

5. Global Guestbook:

Print out a large world map that just shows the borders of different countries. Then, ask your guests to write down their wishes in the country they want the couple to go to. This will make it a fun experience for your guests. They will get a choice and express what they really think about the couple! Through this, you’ll also get some travelling ideas!

6. Thumbprint Figure Guestbook:

Place colourful stamp pads around the guestbook. Then, ask your guests to leave their thumbprints on the guestbook. They can also draw faces/figures using those prints. In the end, you will have a cute and colourful guestbook. This guestbook will then help you remember your guests and your special day.

7. Postcard wishes:

If you love to travel as a couple or plan to have a travel-themed wedding, then this idea is perfect for you! Get some vintage postcards from your local store and ask one guest to sign one each. If you want to go the extra mile, keep a small post-box in which the guests can put the signed postcards. After the event is over, savour reading each and every one of them!

8. Video Booth:

A great idea may be to keep a small digital camera that your guests can use to record their wishes for you. Once the wedding has ended, transfer them to your personal computer. This way, you can have a permanent store of them. If you want, you can get all the videos edited so they form one single film. You can watch this film whenever you want to relive your special day!

9. Signed Initials:

This idea is perfect for those that want to decorate their home with memories of their wedding! Get large wooden or metal initials of you and your significant other’s first names. You can then ask your guests to sign their wishes on these and hang them in your marital home.

10. Dictionary:

Replace the traditional guest book with a large, new dictionary. Ask the guests to circle any word that they think represents you. They can write their wishes next to the word they have selected and there you have it, a beautiful guest book. Do not worry about the wishes being unreadable because of the writing in the dictionary. The text in a dictionary is really small and black and white. You can just ask the guests to use colourful markers and write in large letters.

11. Envelope Book:

You can paste small, empty envelopes in the guest book. Then, ask your guests to write their wishes and place them inside the envelope and close it. After the wedding is over, you can open each envelope. Reading every wish will be like reading a new letter!

12. Calendar Book:

Another interesting idea is to get your guests to sign a different day of the calendar. This way, every day when you turn over a new page of the calendar, you will get to read a new wish. You can begin every new day by reading a new wish. This will constantly remind you of the love you received at your wedding.

13. Time Capsule Wishes:

Place large envelopes with different dates written on them. For example, one envelope could say 1st June 2021 and the next one could say 1st July 2021. Then ask your guests to place a wish in any of the envelopes. You can open the envelope on the date stated on the envelope. Resist the temptation to peek in the envelopes and only open them on the written date!

14. Vinyl Records Alternative:

This guestbook alternative sounds perfect for a music-loving couple. Lay large, black vinyl records on the reception table. Along with this, provide golden or silver markers to your guests. This will allow them to sign the records with their names and wishes. Pile these records up near an old record player. This collection of records can act as a funky decorative element and a memento of your special day.

15. Wine Bottle Signature Book:

Wine bottles are the perfect guestbook alternative. Place large wine bottles and use these for guest signatures. Store these signed bottles in your home’s own cellar. Pop open each one on a special occasion, such as an anniversary and read all the beautiful wishes. You can even recycle these bottles to grow plants in them, keeping the wedding wishes safe for a long time. 

16. Patchwork Quilt:

This one is a pretty unique idea! Lay square pieces of fabric for your guests to sign. You can choose a patterned or black-coloured fabric. You also need to provide special fabric markers so that the ink does not seep out from the cloth. After the wedding is done, have all these pieces of fabric stitched together to form a large quilt. This permanent memento can keep you and your spouse warm on a cold night!

17. Custom Printed Canvas:

If you are an art-loving couple, this idea is the one you should use! Print out your favourite piece of art on a large piece of canvas. This can be anything from the Mona Lisa to a more contemporary Banksy design. Then, place this piece of art on an easel and have your guests sign it.

18. Children’s Story Guestbook:

Have you and your significant other pick out your favourite childhood books. This can be anything from a Dr Seuss book to a fairytale collection. You can then ask your guest to sign these books at your wedding. It is a nice personal touch. Signing these books will remind your guests of how much you and your spouse have grown over the years. Oh, what a romantic reminder!

19. Our Photos Guest Book:

Every couple captures many photos over the years. A great idea is to hang these photos on a clothesline with clothespins. Ask your guests to pick their favourite photo and write a wish on it. What better way to remember your wedding through photographs? 

20. Guitar:

If you love jamming as a couple, try a guitar as a guest book alternative. Provide a guitar-acoustic or electric, for your guests to sign. These instruments have plenty of space on them, so there will easily be plenty of room for your guests to sign. You can even play this guitar for your significant other whenever you are in a romantic mood.

21. Wishing Stones:

For this idea, buy some clean and new wishing stones from your local departmental store. Next, lay these out for your guests to write on along with white permanent markers. Ask your guests to write their wishes for you on these stones.  It can be a heartwarming experience to read what your loved ones want for you.

22. Jigsaw Puzzle Guest Book:

You can ask your guests to sign the pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle. You can use a store-bought puzzle, and ask your guests to sign on the plain back of these pieces. Alternatively, you could also make your own DIY puzzle as well. Use a large piece of cardboard with a plain piece of chart pasted on top. You can simply put this puzzle together and read the wishes written on each piece.

23. Watercolour Guest Wishes:

On your wedding, allow your guests to get in touch with their artistic side. On a large table, lay out the materials. The materials can include watercolour palettes, paintbrushes, and blank sheets of paper. Then, ask your guests to write their wishes using the watercolours, and try to make a proper artwork out of it. Hang these on a clothesline to dry. You can even frame your favourite wishes and hang them in your home.

24. Surf Board:

Are you a couple that cannot stay away from the beach? O are you having a beach-themed wedding? If the answer to either of these questions is a yes, then this idea is for you! You can ask your guests to write their wishes on a large, plain surfboard. After the wedding, you can prop up the board in the living room of your marital home.

25. Lock and key Guest Book:

Everyone wants to know the key to a successful marriage. Buy some old-fashioned keys from your local hardware store. Use a small piece of rope to tie these keys to a piece of card. Ask your wedding guests to write down what they think is the “key” to a successful marriage. Maybe after the wedding is over, some of the suggestions can actually prove very useful!

26. Bucket List:

If you are a fun-loving couple who loves going on new adventures, then this is the perfect idea for you. Start by placing small metal buckets on a large table. Ask your guests to write down things they want you to do as a couple and that you could add to your bucket list. Later on, you can actually have fun while implementing some of these ideas. 

27. Signed Furniture:

A signed piece of furniture can be an ideal addition to your new marital home. You could leave a plain upholstered chair or a wooden table for your guests to sign. After the wedding is over, you can even use this piece of furniture. This will remind you of how beautiful your special day was!

28. Holiday Ornaments:

This is ideal if you are having your wedding in or near the holiday season. Lay out large, colourful baubles and assorted ornaments for your guests to sign. You can then decorate your first Christmas tree as a married couple with these ornaments. This way, your tree will be decorated with love and wishes, not just ornaments. 

29. Elections Ballot Box:

If you are a power couple that loves politics, try having a ballot box at your wedding. Ask your guests to write their wishes on a piece of paper and put them in the ballot box. Once the wedding is over, you can count these wishes, like votes, and read them side by side. 

30. Oak Tree:

If you are having your wedding in a garden, this is what you want. Look for a large tree, such as an oak or willow tree, that has low hanging branches. Then, ask your guests to hang these wishes from the branches of the tree. This tree can even make a perfect background for your wedding photoshoot. 


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