Sharon & David – Duck Bay Marina Wedding, Loch Lomond


Wedding photography can be a strange job – Couples can book you 2/3 years in advance, you speak to them loads, get to know them and then you completely silent for months at a time, checking in to make sure all is well and let them know I haven’t done the bunk with their deposit. I can’t really think of many jobs outside the wedding industry where you pay someone money and then just wait for years before you deliver – It’s some investment. But when you know that you’re invested in the couples too, there’s something really special about that – It really is the best job.

I love when couples get in touch because they like our work or when we’re recommended by other couples (All of our couples have been awesome!), we pride ourselves on creating a bond with our couples – I’ll never forget when we received a review saying it was more like having a pal at the wedding than someone they hired – That’s our mantra! So when we meet a couple and we have a pure laugh, we know its going to be a cracking day. After meeting Sharon and David in the ever glamorous Starbucks (other coffee shops are available) I knew me and Corinne were going to have a belter on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

I LOVE Weddings on Loch Lomond, there’s so many venues – The Cruin, Lodge on the Loch, Boturich Castle, Ross Priory… there’s loads! And they all have their own charm. We’d never done Duck Bay Marina so we were pretty excited as we rocked up on that sunny (but freezing) October morning and you KNOW it’s going to be a cracker when Chewbacca turns up dressed to the nines!