Russian Latvian Wedding in Glasgow

Nov 16, 2023 | blog, CITY WEDDINGS, Uncategorized

I have never shot a Russian or Latvian wedding in Glasgow. So this was a real two birds, one stone wedding.

Julia & Ilya got in touch and let me know they were visiting Glasgow from London to get married at 23 Montrose Street. Ilya studied here, and loved Glasgow. But the full story about how these two met would need a full blog! It was pure chance in the middle of the Netherlands. Ilya heard Julias accent, spoke to her in a bit of Russian and the rest is history – Love it!

I love wee mid week weddings at Glasgow Registry Office, so I obviously said yes. They were off to The Bothy afterwards, another of my favourite wee venues. So again, two birds, one stone!

Julia & Ilya met me at Montrose Street and we had a quick chat before we jumped inside to get these two married. Because it was in November we were fighting against the light AND the temperature! It was FREEZING! Hilariously, Julia, despite being from Russia took it the worst! I mean, she was wearing a strapless dress so that might have also added to it….

Ashton Lane Wedding Photography

The guys toughed it out and I got them to Ashton Lane ASAP. The put on their Beer Jackets (Or green tea jackets in Julia case) and we jumped back outside to get some epic photos in Ashton Lane. Love doing photos down there, especailly at night when the festoon lights are up. God Bless Glasgow!

The couple and their guests headed over to The Bothy for some well earned food and enjoy the rest of their evening.

Was such an honour to not only photograph their wedding but also be an ambassador for Glasgow! So aye, I just swore loads. It was amazing. Thank you Julia & Ilya!

If you’re getting married at Glasgow Registry Office – GET IN TOUCH!

Venue – Glasgow Registry Office at 23 Montrose Street

Russian Latvian Wedding in Glasgow


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