Small Wedding Venues in Scotland

Small Wedding Venues in Scotland It’s a strange new world we find ourselves in. Face masks, lockdowns, restrictions and vaccines were the main buzzwords of 2020. Many couples had to cancel their dream weddings in 2020. A lot of weddings still went ahead albeit with reduced numbers than the big weddings we all know and … Read more

Wedding Dress Shops in Glasgow

wedding dress shops glasgow We try and help out couples preparing for their weddings in Glasgow in any way possible. One thing we write about a lot is wedding venues in and around Glasgow. There is one other thing that can be just as, if not more important than a wedding venue, The Dress! Preparing … Read more

Gary and Corinne – Engagement Shoot?!

  Gary and Corinne – Engagement Shoot?! April 22, 2020 Something we have definitely missed during isolation is getting creative with our cameras. There’s only so many photos of our cats we can take (we can take quite a lot) before we realise there’s something missing – the couples. We love the connection we make … Read more