Rachel & Liam – Alternative Halloween Engagement Shoot


Its not very often we get a couple who say they LOVE getting their photo taken, infact, we’ve never heard those words. It was no different when I asked Rachel if she and her fiancé would like to join us pumpkin picking and we would have a little engagement shoot too, her reaction – ‘fear’. Or words to those effect…sweary..very sweary.

We’re super lucky to shooting Rachel and Liams big day next year, the most halloween, alien, Lord of the rings, ghost obsessed couple we know..so it would only make sense to take them to a pumpkin patch for an engagement shoot, right?!

With a bit of persuasion and reassurance, we took Rachel and Liam to Arnprior (great by the way, lots of tiny kids in snow suits falling over in the mud, that alone was entertainment enough.) We walked around, picked pumpkins – only the wartiest ones for Rachel- and let them know this is what its going to be like on their wedding day (minus the falling children.) Casual, fun and generally having a laugh!

One of the best things about an engagement shoot is getting to know our couples and them getting to know us and how we work. We want our couples to feel at ease and know that we aren’t going to make them do any forced posing. Its natural, its fun and even better, Rachel said after seeing her photos she’s now looking forward to her wedding even more (and so are we cause we’ve been promised dogs and we know what food is on the menu :D)

Gary & Corinne



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