Newborn Photography in Glasgow Our Guide + 5 Fun Ideas to Try Yourself


Newborn Photography in Glasgow Our Guide + 5 Fun Ideas to Try Yourself

February 7, 2021

This page is a guide for new parents and soon to be parents interested in newborn photography in Glasgow.

We have provided information about how to prepare, what will happen on the day and fun ideas for you to try at home.

Plan Ahead

Timing is everything with newborn photography. Capturing those first days with professional photos will make lifelong mementoes for you and your family.

Pre-Birth Plan

We know planning the arrival of a newborn is a complicated process. We make planning your newborn photoshoot stress-free and easy. To avoid disappointment contact us no late than 10 days before your due date. Although we are happy to plan even further ahead.

Newborn Photography in Glasgow in 3 Easy Steps

  • Call, email or send us a message on social media for a quick chat.
  • Let us know your due date.
  • We will contact you before the birth to arrange a time and date for the shoot. Don’t worry if your baby comes early or late. We take that into account when booking the session so we are flexible with dates and times.

Newborn Baby Plan

Is your little bundle of joy already here and ready for a photoshoot?

We may have space available for immediate appointments please contact us by either:


Benefits of having your photoshoot at home, what to expect and top tips

We’re around babies all the time, we know that sometimes getting around with a newborn is not the easiest. Car seats, prams, changing bags and all the essentials can be a bit of a logistical nightmare at times.

Having your newborn photoshoot at home takes out the hassle and stress of travelling.

Key benefits of a newborn photo shoot at home are:
  • Photographs taken where your baby is most comfortable.
  • No stressful trips to studios.
  • Don’t need to find or pay for parking.
  • All essentials for the baby will all be within arms reach.
  • Studio level professional photos but in the comfort of your own home.
  • Our photography kit is portable and will fit into most rooms.
  • Whole studio experience in the comfort of your own home.


Sessions are usually 3 hours long. Our newborn photography sessions are baby-led. There’s no rush to get the perfect pictures we will work with you and your baby to make the process easy.


Our style of photoshoots is elegant and art-based. That might sound really fancy, but ultimately that just means our images are timeless and will never look dated.

Some of our most popular scenes ideas are:

  • Tartan – Though our baby photo shoots are located in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. We photograph other shoots like weddings and parties all over Scotland. Our favourite place to shoot will always be Scotland. We love the scenery, the colours, the wildlife, everything. So any chance we get to sneak a bit of Scotland into our photos we will. We love using tartan as a backdrop to bring a wee bit of Scotland into peoples homes.
  • Sleeping – This is the classic tiny baby shot, but I’ll be honest, the shoot isn’t a total loss if the baby doesn’t sleep. So many times we arrive at a house to be told the baby sleeps constantly. When we arrive without a doubt they are always wide awake and curious during the whole shoot. We don’t mind that as we love seeing their big beautiful eyes and curious face. To get the best chance of capturing a sleeping baby we recommend feeding your baby 2 to 3 hours before the shoot. We also recommend a feed as soon as we arrive for the shoot. Keeping the house at around 26 degrees is recommended. Newborn babies can be very sensitive to temperature, this makes sure they are very cosy.
  • Dress up – Got some costumes, dresses or smart outfits for your baby? Get them out! We love nothing more than to wrap up the shoot showcasing your wee baby dressed in their finest attire. Pretty dresses, a gentleman’s flat cap and waistcoat or a full-blown Halloween costume! Your baby is tiny, these clothes won’t last long. We like to get some photos to remind you of the time they fit into these tiny items (and for blackmail for their 18th!)


Because of lockdown we obviously can’t make it out to peoples homes right now, which is tough as we’re missing so many wee babies – So in order to not lose these precious moments we’ve scoured the web for some amazing photoshoot ideas that you can try at home for yourself.

These are amazing ideas for you to try for yourself and have a bit of fun in the process.

Month to month baby pics

Month to Month Baby Pics

Who wouldn’t want to see their baby’s face and personality coming out month after month? Capturing each month of your baby’s life will be one of your favourite photo collections. source

Get creative with fabrics in your home

Remember the kids’ tv show, art attack? Set up some amazing scenes that look totally out of this world. Bring out your creative side and have a bit of fun as well trying out this great newborn photoshoot idea. source

Baby trying foods for the first time

One of the most fun (and messiest ) photoshoots you can try at home is trying new foods with your baby. Capturing those first reactions and making lifelong mementoes. Plan a date for each month and take a snap in the same position with your baby. source

Baby’s best friend

Your new baby might not be the only bundle of joy in your life. Capturing photos of your dog and newborn baby together is a must for dog lovers everywhere. Have a puppy and a newborn? capture them growing up together month by month for an amazing collection of photos. source

Sketch a scene

Add a little sketch overlay to your images, there are tons of apps to add some doodle on your pictures. Use your imagination and place the baby in poses for the perfect effect. We recommend drawing on your baby this way rather than using permanent markers. source


We have a compact kit that will not take up too much space in your home. Our kit is designed for newborn photography in the home. Our Elinchrom portable lighting kit is lower power than high powered studio lights. This low power helps protect your baby’s sensitive eyes without any loss of image quality.

Newborn Photography Prices in Glasgow and surrounding areas

We offer the full studio experience in the convenience of your own home.

Newborn photography in Glasgow or Paisley and surrounding areas.

Our prices start from £200 for a 3 hour photoshoot, the package includes:

  • Full studio experience at home
  • 10 Images of your choice
  • 10 in total colour
  • 10 in black and white
  • Option to buy extra prints, canvases & full galleries

Contact us today to find out more.


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