Gothic Punk Wedding Glasgow

Sep 1, 2018 | blog, CITY WEDDINGS, previous weddings, Recent work

Gothic Punk Wedding Glasgow at Glasgow Registry Office Wedding.

I love the Glasgow City Chambers – Did you know that it’s supposedly got more marble than the Vatican?! Whit!

I’ve done a few weddings there now, but never in the smaller rooms. I’m a massive fan of small weddings, though I’m also a fan of huge weddings too… I’m just a fan of weddings in general to be honest! But I always really enjoy the wee intimate ones.

I arrived at the city chambers early to try and have a nosey around the beautiful building to see where I was allowed to go – You’d be surprised at how much access you get when you say you’re the wedding photographer, however, I found out today that the actual big amazing bit of the city chambers was shut at the weekends! The back, smaller ceremony room has an amazing retro kitsch about it though and knew it would suit Lisa and Jackson perfectly along with the Glasgow architecture I’d found early on in the day for their couple shoot.

23 Montrose Street, Glasgow

I seen Lisa then nearly had a heart attack when I seen Jackson walking in seconds after her. I shouted “SHUT YER EYES! ITS TRADITION!” he replied “Whit? We got the same taxi!” So that was me telt.

I Should’ve realised that this wasn’t going to be a standard wedding when Lisa walked in wearing a black leather corset with matching spiked heels and a dress made by Jacksons Mum. You cant beat an alternative wedding, and these two rocked it big time.

With the best man arriving fashionably late we were good to go and it went something like this;

Would highly recommend opening up Youtube and blasting ‘Cock Sparrer – Because You’re Young” as you view – It was played during the signing of the register and was a particularly excellent touch for these two!)

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Gothic Punk Wedding Glasgow


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