Glen Coe Shoot day


Hello! Corinne here! This week, we travelled to Glen Coe to take part in the Photography Farm shoot day. Photography farm for those who don’t know, is a community for wedding photographers and videographers alike. Thats easily the best part about it, the community. Everyone helps each other grow as a business, as a photographer/videographer and as a person. It’s so nice to see old and new faces and we have been excited for this shoot in particular for a long time, especially me considering I’ve never even been to Glen Coe! SHAME! We always take so much information and leave so inspired whenever we attend any farm event, this time was no different.

We had the absolute pleasure to model for Jo+Liam (again!) and then take part in their shoot. We drove to Glen Etive and it did not disappoint. The views were unbelievable! Melissa our model, who was styled by Laura Gray, looked so beautiful and fit right in to the epic Scottish Scenery. The help and advice we received and the insight into how their brains work is always amazing to witness. Jo is like the big sister I’ve always wanted and the support and advice she gives me is like a big warm hug! Jo and Liams banter was also a highlight. (Also the hidden shortbread and maoms in the car, ten points to you guys) 

Later we took part in a shoot with The amazing Nikki Leadbetter. We were again with our model Melissa and were whisked away to a location which looked across to the three sisters. Not only did she challenge us photography wise, I pretty much pooped my pants climbing that hill! Worth it for the view 😀 The skills Nikki shared and the knowledge she bestowed upon us mere mortals, insane! Not only did she help me be more creative, she also helped me get back DOWN the hill with the advice ‘heel first’ only given once we reached flat ground..I’ll keep it in mind next time!

We have definitely left with more to give and we can not wait to use our new skills on our future couples.

Who’s up for an adventure?!


Shoot Organiser – Photography Farm @photographyfarm
Hair & Make Up & Styling – Laura Gray Hair Beauty Bridal. @hairbeautybridal
Flowers – Sparrow and Rose @lisa_sparrowandrose
Dresses – Flossy Dossy @flossyanddossy
Jackets – Walker Slater @walkerslater
Model – Melissa Doherty @melvinmellymellow
Location – Kingshouse Hotel @kingshouseglencoe
Mentors and Heroes – Jo+Liam and Nikki Leadbetter.



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