Glasgow Wedding at the Cat Cafe

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Glasgow Wedding at the Cat Cafe

So I used to have a joke on my old website that said if there was cats involved in your wedding day I would shoot it for free. But someone mad a joke/not joke about it and I had to swiftly remove it! However, when theres a cat at a wedding day – Whether its prep or by chance – I lose my shit.

I bloody love cats.

So you can only imagine how much I freaked when Shalimar & Han asked me if I was OK with cats as they planned on visit the famous Purrple Cat Cafe for their reception! OAFT!

Shalimar & Han got in touch as they were work mates of a previous couple (Lauren & Robyn to be exact!). Always love it when someone gets in touch when they’ve seen my work and like it. You know the couple will be hands off and let you work your magic.

The couple agreed to meet before the ceremony so we could quickly get to the cafe for maximum Cat-isfaction.

Glasgow Registery Office wedding

Purrple Cat Cafe Wedding

What a laugh we had at the Purrple Cat Cafe – It was so random and camp it fit the couple PERFECTLY. The staff were amazing and really mad the couple and their guests feel special. And there was tons of cats. Honestly, what more do you need?!

After the Cat Cafe it was onto Katie’s Bar Glasgow – Despite the couple letting me know that I was now an honorary lesbian and more than welcome I had to politely decline. But they assured me they were going to go absolutely mental once they got there.

If you’re getting married and there is Cats involved – GET IN TOUCH! (Though I cant do it for free, sorry)

Venue – Glasgow Registry Office at 23 Montrose Street // Purrple Cat Cafe

Glasgow Wedding at the Cat Cafe


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