Glasgow Registry Office Wedding

Nov 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

In November Leigh & Iain had a Glasgow Registry Office Wedding at 23 Montrose street and asked me to be their photographer.

I don’t normally book in a zoom call when I do these wee Montrose street weddings. I like to joke that its only 2 hours, so if we hate each other it’ll be over soon! Thankfully though, literally every single couple who books me for a Glasgow Registry Office Wedding are an absolute DREAM! These two we’re no different.

We did have a Zoom call, and it was class. Some couples like to have a Zoom call just to put their minds at ease or ask any questions. I welcome them all, no question too daft.

What I need to stop doing though is saying that the grooms look like me if the have dark hair and glasses. What can I say, it’s a classic look!

23 Montrose Street Glasgow

Leigh arrived with her Mum and Dad and her wee Da walked her down the aisle, it was ridiculously sweet. The ceremony was beautiful and the couple even more so. A quick shoot on the stairs and it was outside for confetti and formal photos. Two of the Groomsmen tried to do this awful hands on lapel type pose, BOKE! (TBF one of them had been married recently and their photographer had told them to do this pose…. not for me)

I don’t do cheesy posing, they looked like something out of Les Mis! So after a right good slagging I made them have a bit of a kiss and we moved on.

The couple shoot was incredible, these two are just pure IN LOVE. It’s always a dream to photograph a couple who are not only into the photos but actually into each other! Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous.

Because I’m such a gent I gave these guys a run to the Stravaign where the dinner was being held. That restaurant is incredible btw, highly recommended! So glad I went down with these guys as they told me about this incredible Ice Cream place in the west end named Nowita Ice Cream (Bride is an ice cream aficionado) and let me tell you. That place is beyond delicious. GO RIGHT NOW!

Leigh & Ian – Thanks for the Ice Cream! LOVE YOU!

Glasgow Registry Office Wedding Photos

If you are having a Glasgow Registry Office Wedding – GET IN TOUCH!

Glasgow Wedding Supplers

Venue – Glasgow Registry Office, 23 Montrose Street // @23MontroseSt
Reception – The Best Scottish Restaurant in Glasgow | Stravaigin : Stravaigin


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