Glasgow Registry Office February

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Glasgow Registry Office February

You know me, Glasgow Registry Office Weddings at 23 Montrose Street daft! So here’s another. February brought the wedding of the gorgeous Jordyn and Matt.

Said it before and I’ll say it again (Well it was actually Winnie the Pooh who said it) “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.” and thats exactly what this wee wedding was.

23 Montrose Street Wedding

Because it was my first 23 Montrose Street Wedding of the season I arrived really early. I like to see who’s working on the day and get some patter with them (in case I need any favours!). Matt and literally everyone else at the wedding, except the bride and her bridesmaids, greeted me. The wee room was MOBBED! The atmosphere was buzzing and so was Matt.

Sometimes you have to just photograph what you can. Cause the room was so busy I could barely move. But I squeezed about and apologised a million times and got some snaps before it was back out to catch Jordyn.

Jordyn might be the tiniest bride I’ve ever photographed! Maybe it was in comparison to her amazing big smile – she was buzzing too!

Gorgeous wee ceremony in the Kelvin Room, quick confetti photo outside and then it was off to the absolutely amazing Chaophraya – Glasgow.

These two were an absolute DREAM to photograph. They totally loved each other. (Being gorgeous and devilishly handsome is just a bonus.). I’m always so lucky that my couples adore each other. It makes the photos so much better – These two have really set the standard!

Glasgow Registry Office wedding

Glasgow Registry Office February

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