Aileen & Gordon – Forrest Hills Hotel, Aberfoyle


For those of you who might not know, Corinne is dug daft. Anything to do with Dugs – Loves it. So when we were approached by Aileen and her bridesmaids at the Forest hills wedding Fayre with an enquiry and a promise of a dog we were in.

For the consultation we met Aileen and Gordon in BrewDog in Glasgow with the demand of meeting Voss the dog as well as Groom, Gordon. Do you know BrewDog is not only dog friendly but has actual dog beers?! Amazing! (They smell like gravy… not sure how they taste, though)

Forrest Hills is beautiful, located in Aberfyole and a stones throw from Loch Ard – Right up our street.

Now, before we got onto the photos, we need to take a moment to unapologetically tell everyone about Voss, the real star of the day (Sorry Bride & Groom, but they’d totally agree) – Not only was he a retired service dog for the blind but also the videographer and ring bearer.

The blog is very dog heavy – but we apologise for nothing! You’ll soon see why. He was such a huge part of the day so it only makes sense for him to be a huge part of this blog too.

Seriously, words cannot describe just how fantastic this dog was – he was well and truly loved but every member of the wedding party and its safe to say both me and Corinne went home with big Voss shaped part added to our hearts – So this blog is dedicated to him, by far one of the best boys we have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside.

Gary & Corinne



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