Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

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Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

First things first – a celebrant is literally the only thing you need to get married! That and some witnesses.

I always find it funny when folk book a venue, photographer, caterer, decor, cake, favours, dress, suits, kilts, outfit for their dog before they pick a celebrant. You cannae get married without one! (Some say they cant get married without their dog in an outfit, and I am fully on board with that)

How do you choose a celebrant?

Picking a celebrant for your wedding can be a tough choice! So where do you even start?
Well, hopefully this blog, and then getting in touch with some of the celebrants below.

List of celebrants Scotland

Now, this is not an exhaustive list and when I get a chance ill do a part 2 – But if you think I’ve missed anyone amazing off here please send hate mail to the usual place – CONTACT

Much like my “How do you choose your wedding photographer? 6 tops tips” Blog I think the first question is, how important you feel a celebrant is for your day – Do you want someone who just gets the jobs done and all the official bits sorted? Or you want someone with personality and pizzazz to tell your love story the way it deserves to be told.

Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

Claire Digance / Claire the Humanist

So my top pick, and im being biased here as she was the celebrant at my wedding is Claire the Humanist aka
Claire Digance, Humanist Wedding Celebrant with Humanist Society Scotland.

Claire Digance, AKA Claire the Humanist doing what she does best, easily one of the Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

Claire has a wonderful way of telling your story with the perfect amount of humour and love. She is a natural story teller and will tell your story like she’s not only an old pal of yours, but a pal of every one of your guests. Claire is funny without making the ceremony about it – It is always the couple who are firmly at the centre of the story. You will struggle no not want to be Claires best pal afterwards (I message her on a daily basis, Sorry Claire)

David Smith / David the Humanist

Please note, no relation to Claire (Other than being an absolutely awesome celebrant!) is David Smith AKA David The Humanist

David Smith/David the Humanist taking a selfie with a bride and groom. He is one of the Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

David is an absolute professional on the day and will use his expertise and humour to bring all aspects of the day into your ceremony. Many times I’ve see issues, errors and hiccups happen (Come on, its a wedding!) and David handles them in his stride. Seamlessly weaving them into his ceremony like he had planned it all along.

David has a really beautiful, personal way of telling your stories and have seen him tackle some emotional issues like he had know the person their whole like and truly done then justice. David is amazing!

Alan Barr – Humanist Celebrant

Up next we have the big loveable wedding bear that is Alan Barr – Humanist Celebrant

Alan Barr, humanist Celebrant, conducting a ceremony in The Bothy in Glasgow. He is one of the Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

Alan is such a warm character you’ll feel like the ceremony is being conducted by your lovely big brother! He has a brilliant Scottish accent and a wicked sense of humour (And heavy loves Nicki Minaj btw… whit!)

Alan tells a beautiful heartfelt story without the frills – The ceremony is about the couple, who they are and what brought is here today.

Andrea Taylor – The Soulful Celebrant

Next on the list is Andrea Taylor – Agnostic Scotland Life Celebrant aka The Soulful Celebrant

Andrea Taylor the Soulful Celebrant conducting a ceremony in the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow, one of the Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

I always struggle to describe the style of ceremony that Andrea does, but to be honest her instagram name of “The Soulful Celebrant” absolutely nails it. Andrea is something really special. She has the ability to tell a romantic story about the couple without it being too soppy. Her ceremonies feel like you’ve snuck into an intimate elopement and no-one knows you’re there.

The love and romance intertwine and create this really soulful ceremony. I cry at every ceremony I see Andrea do – She truly is one of a kind!

Niki Smith Scottish Celebrant – Fulcrum

Niki is our next celebrant on the list and I need to say here that this list is in no particular order as Niki is seriously one of the best. Sophisticated Ceremonies is a really good way to describe Niki and her approach, but she is an absolute hoot as well. I have had an absolute scream with Niki, she is so ace.

Niki’s ceremonies are like having a conversation with an old pal. She is so personal and warm it would be impossible to not love her. She has a real talent for telling your story likes its not a big deal but still feels really special with great wee highlights of humour thrown in too. Niki can do no wrong! And she has a cracking wee dug too! Definitely one of the best celebrants in Scotland 2024

Andrew D Scott Celebrant Services

Again I really need to emphasise that this list is not in order! Cause my god do I love the big man Andrew D Scott Celebrant

I wont bore you with the details about how me and Andrew go back years to our previous careers. (He will quite happily though) He was also mega supportive of me juggling my full time job and weddings, so when he said he was coming to join me in the wild world of weddings I was absolutely over the moon! He was born to do this job. A natural entertainer who is as loud and bombastic as they come. If you want someone to take control of your whole part of weddings guests, Andrew is your man. He will tell a legendary tale of your story in a way that only he can. Think J R R Tolkein, but doing a wedding ceremony. Thats our big Andrew!

The Scottish Celebrant: Paul Browett Humanist | Glasgow

I know youre thinking “How can we have so many fantastic celebrants but none have a fantastic moustache?” Dont worry, I’ve heard you – Its the one and only Paul Browett Humanist aka The Scottish Celebrant

Look at that lovely moustache! Paul is such a great guy. He has a real natural, conversationalist style when telling your story. The more you give him, the better job he will do. I have seen him work magic with next to nothing, but full stories are where he really shines through. Paul has a real talent for including everyone in your ceremony whether thats immediate family, parents, kids, best pals or even your pets! I have far too many photos of Paul kissing animals, but dont let that put you off, he’s one of the good guys for sure.

Hopefully this helped even a little bit! If you’re still stuck between all these folk then – GET IN TOUCH!

Best Celebrants in Scotland 2024

Whilst were on the subjects of best – the team over at SharpScot have very kindly added me to their list of Best Photographers In Glasgow, click the link to check out the blog. You’ll also see some of my good pals on there too!


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