Ashley & George – Lynnhurst Hotel

This was a gorgeous intimate wedding between Ashley, George, their 2 amazing wee kids and their closest family members.

We were actually surprised this wedding went ahead as the bold George nearly broke his leg less than a week before the wedding! Any excuse eh? But respect to the hardest working man in the East End – the show must go on!

The bride and groom prep was a literal 2 minute drive from our house and the Glasgow St Mary’s R C Church was around the corner again – One of those times you felt bad for even using the car.

What it lacked in distance it made up for in crazy – This has to be one of the most mental bridal preps we’ve ever been to (Ashleys Mum Karen nearly challenging Gary to a square go for not being a true East Ender for one thing…) but without a shadow of a doubt it was also one of the most fun. At one point Corinne phoned Gary (who was at groom prep) to get bobbles for the flower girl, who at this time, was raiding cupboards and was sitting in her vest and nappy on the kitchen floor eating dry spaghetti. By the end of it, we felt like we were part of the family.

Thankfully the service was a bit more subdued, but poor George with his one good leg having to sit, stand, kneel AND get married, it must’ve been brutal – but he done it and the new Mr and Mrs Gallacher were off to the Lynnhurst for their dinner and evening reception.

Whole day was an absolute cracker from start to finish – an absolute honour to be part of it, a massive thank you to George and Ashley!

Gary & Corinne