60 Wedding Bouquet Ideas (15 for every season)

60 Wedding Bouquet Ideas for every season
(15 per season)

Wedding bouquets are an essential part of every wedding. Getting everything sorted for your wedding to the last detail can be a bit daunting. We have written this article to take some hassle out of choosing your perfect wedding day flowers. Wedding flowers are a must-have addition for even the smallest of weddings. Flowers are at every wedding but can you tell your Alliums from your Cardinals?.

We have compiled a huge list of popular wedding flowers for that perfect wedding bouquet.

The list is big, so we have split it into seasons.

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  3. Autumn Wedding Flowers
  4. Winter Wedding Flowers

Spring Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Hyacinths are flowers special to the spring season. These flowers have a very attractive fragrance. They are known to originate from Anatolia. The hyacinth bulbs are filled with dense bell-shaped flowers. Some common colours are purple, white, yellow and pink.


hyacinths wedding flower
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Fringe Tulips

fringe tulips wedding flower
Image by daledbet from Pixabay

You may not already be aware of how beautiful fringe tulips look. Fringe tulips are the same as normal tulips except for one difference. That is that you will find frayed edges on these tulips. They symbolize the perfect blossoming spring season!

One of the first signs of spring is new daffodils. White and yellow daffodils both might be a very good options for a wedding bouquet. These beautiful flowers represent new beginnings.


White and Purple Lilacs

white and purple lilacs flowers
Image by Marc Benedetti from Pixabay

These flowers may be an elegant choice for your wedding bouquet! You will find that the purple lilac flowers have one of the strongest fragrances of all the list.

Pair these with some white garden roses to get a beautiful wedding bouquet. Hellebores usually have green glossy leaves. You can add these to your bouquet too for a splash of green and purple!


alliums wedding flowers

A perfect spring wedding bouquet may be synonymous with a bundle of violet alliums. These beautiful flowers symbolize good fortune. They can be found in many different colours such as white, blue, green, and purple.

These beautiful pastel coloured flowers may add the perfect touch of sophistication. The colours of their flowers vary from season to season.

Japanese Andromeda

Image by the spruce

Pear Blossom

Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

Pear Blossoms are another beautiful white flower. They may be best used in a spring wedding bouquet. They are delicate with a mild scent.

These pale pink and white flowers may be a very good idea for a spring wedding bouquet. These flowers are suited especially for spring weather conditions. You can find them in pink, purple, yellow, and white in colour.


magnolias flower
Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay


clematis close up picture
Image by Andreas Hensel from Pixabay

Coming in a plethora of colours, clematis may be one of the best ideas for your wedding bouquet. These flowers come in a slightly larger shape. You can choose what you want from a variety of colours.

Parrot tulips may capture the true vibe of spring season. These multicoloured flowers can make your wedding bouquet the perfect match to any colour arrangement.

Parrot Tulips

parrot tulips flower
Image by virginie-l from Pixabay

A rather uncommon choice, but beautiful nonetheless. These flowers are bell-shaped and known as “Snakes Head” flowers. They come in many varieties so you can choose which type you want. They may be best paired with white flowers.

How can we forget lilies? These are perhaps amongst the most liked flowers in spring. They are larger than the rest of the flowers. You can find lilies in different colours such as white, yellow, orange, red, purple or pink.


lilies flower
Image by Amandad from Pixabay


astilbe flowers
Image by Annette Meyer from Pixabay

Astilbe flowers are rarely ever used alone. They may also make great wedding bouquets by complementing other flowers. They are relatively bigger than other flowers but can form the centrepiece of the bouquet.

You may always find these flowers in purple or blue colour. However, a Muscari can be white. These flowers may add the perfect splash of colour to your wedding bouquet.


muscari flower
Image by Marina Pershina from Pixabay

Summer Wedding Bouquets Ideas


ranunculus​ orange summer wedding flower
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Ranunculus come in many different pastel and bright colours. Their unique name translates to “Little Frog”. This is because these flowers grow alongside streams and other water bodies. They are also known as buttercups and come in a plethora of beautiful colours. Ranunculus flowers symbolize charm and beauty.

These may be perfect if you are on the search for beautiful pale pink flowers to add to your summer wedding bouquet. Peonies represent wealth and honour. They were named after a student of the Greek god of medicine. They look elegant and charming as part of your wedding bouquet.

Pale Pink Peonies

peonies wedding flower bouquet

The Perfect Garden Roses

garden roses summer wedding flower
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Simple and effortless, yet beautiful! Garden Roses may make one of the most attractive wedding bouquets. The great thing about roses is that they come in a huge variety of colours, enough to match any tartan colour schemes!

These flowers derive their name from their centres that are similar to pincushions. Their scientific name is Scabiosa japonica. Most commonly found in the colours purple, blue, and white. Purple pincushions are highly likely to make your wedding bouquet unique and vibrant.


Image by adege from Pixabay


orchids wedding flower
Image by antoine carrion from Pixabay

Summer weddings are all about different colours combining to bring about happiness and joy! A wedding bouquet consisting of yellow and orange orchids will do exactly this. These flowers are well-known amongst enthusiasts for having symmetrical flowers. In olden Greek time, Orchids had connotations of virility attached to them.

Proteas are also a great option for a bright-coloured bouquet for your wedding. They are often also called Sugar bushes. These flowers are pretty and attractive and will look great as part of your bouquet. They are South Africa’s national flower. You can find them in various colours such as pink, orange, yellow, lime, grey-green, red.


Proteas wedding flower
Image by Cor Gaasbeek from Pixabay


dahlias summer wedding flower
Image by AnnaER from Pixabay

Having a late summer wedding? These flowers start growing in late-summer and may grow till winter.  Many classify Dahlias as amongst the prettiest of flowers.

Blue and Ombre is a fantastic colour combination.  You can even add leafy green leaves to complete the look. Your best bets are peonies and lilies! The blue flowers represent royalty, whereas the white flowers symbolize purity.

Blue and Ombre

blue ombre flowers


Image by sebamilos from Pixabay

Cardinals may be the perfect choice for your summer wedding bouquet. They give you that delicate crimson touch. Cardinals are amongst the few flowers that have such an intense colour of red or blue. If paired with white roses, they make the most beautiful summer wedding bouquet.

What better colour for a wedding bouquet if not the colour of love? A classic red rose represents passion and the deepest of loves. A red rose bouquet may add the perfect touch to your perfect day.

Red Roses

red rose summer wedding flower
Image by Josch13 from Pixabay


anthurium wedding flower
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

If you search for a wedding bouquet that is away from the mundane flowers, this may be perfect for you! Anthuriums have over 1000 beautiful species that you can choose from. If grown carefully, these flowers can grow at any time of the year.

Do you want your summer wedding to be reflective of how fresh and energetic you feel? If yes, then you need to add red poppy flowers to your summer wedding bouquet. Although red poppy flowers are the most common, they are other beautiful colours too. These beautiful flowers symbolize rebirth.

Poppy Flowers

red poppy wedding flower
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Red Tulips

red tulip wedding flower
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

There’s very little that can go wrong when you trust red tulips to be a part of your wedding bouquets. Tulips are well-loved and well-recognized all over the world. They represent love and passion.

Peach may be one of the most well-suited colours for a summer wedding. This is because it provides a unique sophistication and elegance to the environment. We highly recommend choosing peonies in the colour peach. These beautiful flowers are also recognized as the floral symbol for China.

Peach Peonies

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay


freesias summer wedding flower
Image by Jacques GAIMARD from Pixabay

A wedding bouquet consisting of beautiful yellow Freesias is an unmissable opportunity. These flowers usually grow within 100-120 days. Coming from South Africa, Freesias were previously called Cape lily-of-the-valley.

Autumn Wedding Bouquets Ideas

White Anemones

Image by GLady from Pixabay

White anemones are the perfect choice for your autumn wedding bouquet. They peak just around autumn. White anemones symbolize protection from evil spirits and misfortune. Anemones are also called windflowers. This is because the gentle wind opens the flower’s petal.

Autumn is all about hues of red and orange. A bright red-cherry anemone bouquet may be perfect for your wedding. They derive their name from the Greek word for wind called anemos. Anemones are amongst the most delicate of flowers.

Red-Cherry Anemones

red anemones wedding flower
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Distant Drums Garden Rose

distant drum rose flower

Image by bhg.com

A bouquet with Distant Drums Garden Roses will surely be perfect for a bold feisty look that you want! These flowers are both beautiful and fragrant. The petals are usually found dyed in two colours. A lighter tone alongside a darker tone. Distant Drums Garden Rose represents beauty and resilience.

Zinnias are your best bet if you want a unique and delicate feel to your wedding bouquet. You can find them in an array of different colours. They are often also called “Cut and Come again flowers” because a new flower soon replaces the one that is cut off.


zinnias orange flower
Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay

Purple Dahlias

purple dahlias wedding flower
Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

There’s nothing that beats purple flowers in Autumn. Dahlias originally come from Mexico. For the perfect bouquet, you can also pair them up with Zinnias and Garden Roses.

A white wedding dress with a bouquet filled with red and orange ranunculus flowers! Can you think of anything more perfect for an autumn wedding? They have origins in Central America. Lastly, they are named after the Latin word meaning Frog.

Red and Orange Ranunculus

red and orange ranunculus wedding flower
Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

Calla Lilies

calla lilies wedding flower
Image by Ken Haines from Pixabay

These lilies are both elegant and sophisticated. Each colour of Calla Lilies has a unique representation. Where white symbolizes innocence, pink represents admiration.

Spray roses are a simple yet immensely popular choice for wedding bouquets! They are different from other roses due to two reasons. Firstly, they are smaller. Secondly, spray roses have several roses on a single stem rather than just one. These to come in an array of beautiful colours.

Spray Roses

spray roses flower
Image by Ken Haines from Pixabay

Cappuccino Roses

Cappuccino Roses

Image by Pinterest

Cappuccino roses are ideal for the perfect autumn vibe. You can find them to be of light brown colour with soft pink edges. They are almost the same size as standard roses.

Lunaria annua are sweet-smelling flowers. They can either be purple or white. Interestingly, they are also sometimes referred to as “honesty”. These flowers mainly have origins in South West Asia. Lunaria Annua flowers may give your wedding bouquet the perfect touch of elegance.

Lunaria Annua

Image by Sonja Kalee from Pixabay

Brown Lisianthus

Brown Lisianthus flowers

Image by Pinterest

Do you search for that rustic look in your autumn wedding bouquet? Then brown lisianthus may be perfect! These flowers grow best in warm regions. Some native regions for Lisianthus are Mexico, northern South America, and the Caribbean. Lisianthus comes in five different types. These include the standard single, the mini and standard double, and the frill double. The exclusive designer lisianthus is another type.

Carnations may be a very good choice for your wedding bouquet. Especially light brown carnations, these work splendidly well. Brown Carnations sometimes called “flower of the gods” may resonate perfectly with the autumn environment.

Light Brown Carnations

Image by Pinterest


amaranths wedding flowers
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Amaranth flowers are another great consideration to make part of your wedding bouquet. These are delicate grain-like flowers that rarely make up a wedding bouquet alone. They are usually paired with other flowers.

Boat Orchids are not only beautiful but they make an autumn wedding bouquet all the more greater! Their beautiful pastel colours are just what you need to look stunning. You will find them in most colours except for blue.

Boat Orchids

boat orchids flowers
Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay

Baby Breath

Baby breaths are beautiful flowers that may significantly add depth to your wedding bouquet. Even though they mostly bloom in summer, you can find them in autumn easily.

Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas


Hydrangeas may be a wonderful choice for your wedding bouquet. They are also known as Hortensias. These flowers symbolize harmony and gratitude, the perfect mix for a wedding. But be careful, Hydrangeas may be toxic to consume.

A white bouquet with all even-sized white posies might be the perfect choice for a winter wedding. These beautiful flowers represent love and joy. Their small round shape makes them a very good option for a wedding bouquet.

White Winter Posies

white posies winter wedding flower

Image by Pinterest

King Proteas

wedding flowers king proteas
Image by Freddie01 from Pixabay

Make your wedding bouquet something uncommon yet beautiful. Native to South Africa, their name is inspired by Greek mythology. They are named after the Greek god Proteus. They symbolize courage and valour. The pale pink colour of King Proteas represents elegance and grace.

If you don’t want a bouquet that is entirely white, then using Tulips may be your best bet! You can complement your wedding dress with perhaps the most beautiful purple tulips. There are over 150 different species of tulips you can choose from. These flowers are notorious for their stunning symmetrical petals.

Beautiful Tulips

wedding flower purple tulip


Are you searching for a bright and colourful wedding bouquet? Well, anemones are a great option to consider. You can find them throughout the year making them easily available for any season. These flowers have black centres and come in a vast array of colours. Each colour has a different meaning attached to it. Thus, we suggest you be careful with the colour you choose for your wedding bouquet.

It’s alright if you don’t want a in-your-face colourful winter wedding bouquet. We suggest you consider using neutral-coloured flowers. Neutral flowers may also complement your clothes beautifully. You can choose the neutral shades of any flowers or even a good bit of Scottish heather. These will look perfect when combined with green leaves and baby breath flowers.

Neutral Beauty

Neutral Beauty flowers

Red and White

red and white wedding bouquet

If you have a white wedding dress, then this type of bouquet may be best for you. We suggest a combination of red roses and white tulips. The red roses represent love and union. Whereas, the white tulips symbolize respect and purity.

Do you search for something to stand out in your wedding bouquet? Then a eucalyptus bouquet may be perfect for you! You may add refreshing green leaves and white flowers to this bouquet. The green will add a refreshing look whereas the white flowers will symbolize purity. White Roses may also be a very good option.


garden mix wedding bouquet

Go Classic

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

You may also want to choose an all-white wedding bouquet. The classic choice of White or pink Carnations may be perfect for this. These flowers associate notions of purity and good fortune. They are also referred to as the “Flower of the gods”. You may love white carnations, but there are several colours to choose from.

Blooming Pieris Also known as Andromedas, these flowers add a unique outlook to your wedding day attire! Even though they are native to Asia, you can also find them in the UK. The pale pink hue in these flowers are highly likely to make your dress stand out.

Blooming Pieris

wedding flowers Blooming Pieris
Image by Rebecca Matthews from Pixabay


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Forget-me-Nots, Scientifically named Scorpion Grasses, you can find these flowers in many colours! Whether they’re pink, blue, or violet, all of them symbolize love and remembrance. A bouquet of these flowers may be a token of good luck at your wedding.

White, elegant, and beautiful! Casablanca Lilies are one of our highest recommended wedding bouquet flowers! Symbolizing love and happiness, they will make the perfect match!

Casablanca Lilies

wedding flower lilies
Image by laminaria-vest from Pixabay

Beautiful Camellias

wedding flower camellias pink
Image by Benita Welter from Pixabay

These flowers are one of the most popular choices for wedding decors. They bloom mainly in the winter, spring, and autumn seasons. Camellias have a history of being planted as early as the mid-fourteenth century in China. They come in a beautiful red or pink colour.

Tired of single-flower wedding bouquets? No worries, try a mix! You may find your perfect match in a bouquet of roses, anemones, and nandinas. You may also want to add some greenery or baby breath flowers!

Garden Mix

White and Violet Blooms

white and violet flowers
Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay

Bringing together white and violet flowers may be a very good idea if you like the colour purple. There are tons of options available. These may include flowers such as Clematis and Sweet Peas. These flowers can be contrasted with O’Hara garden roses. And that’s it, you have a splendid winter wedding bouquet!


The above flowers are some of the most popular flowers that are regularly used in weddings. The trick here is to pick which flowers are in season at the time of your wedding. Then match the flowers as a matching or contrasting colour to your wedding parties colours.

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